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Taste of Universal at USH

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Universal Studios Hollywood officially reopened its gates on March 12 to welcome guests back in for their inaugural food tasting event, Taste of Universal.

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Jun 27, 2017
Went Sunday

1) Was easy to get in so props to Universal for not having a backup of people
2) They let us in before the event started and got some pics in before lining up for food
3) Food was pretty quick in the early part of the event but by 2 PM lines for everything
4) Donkey was great but wish they had some sort of show somewhere
5) The crowds outside lines were perfect not too many people and hope these are what we see post the parking opening
6) The lack of water without buying just sucks, Disneyland gives you water and shows why the COKE machines are lacking post COVID
7) Wish they let you go into the lower lot

Overall it was fun if I ran the event the bottom area would be open with Transformers/Blue out for photos and for sure would have somehow made the Q for Potter into an experience and more venues would have been nice for lines in the afternoon. It was a fun event but don't feel like you missed out on too much fun the parks will be open in a few weeks.
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Jul 13, 2018
Have they announced the full menu there? All I’ve seen mentioned is the burger.
Probably will be posted tomorrow. The website seems to have the normal menu still listed. Also, for some reason, Isla Nu-Bar isn't listed on the map under dining locations.

Do they still have empanadas at Jurassic Cafe?


Jun 27, 2017
I know its just me...but not a fan of how this event was fun. Basically people in week two had to pay for parking but at least week three got new locations and characters.

So yeah, not a fan of them not ready for the event day one and even before this think with the parking opening next month save your cash for coming soon vs going in here..but to each there own.


Nov 29, 2017
I had a great time on Saturday but as someone who doesn't eat alot by the end of the night i had 4 tickets left and spent them as fast as I could lol. We managed to get on all the rides except Jurassic world because transformers broke down on us so we were stuck there. It was awesome having 10 to 15 min wait times. What would be awesome if they had unique items like WDW does. Pretty much everyone followed all the rules which was great although since I have glasses and difficulty breathing after a while the mask was getting annoying xD
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