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The Employee Appreciation Thread


Oct 14, 2013
Didn't get a name, but the morning of Oct. 29th, a parking booth cast member at MK made my wife's day...an older gentleman with a beard, friendly smile, and a hat...as he gave my wife the parking receipt and change, took off his hat and gave a courtly bow with a friendly smile to match and called her "princess" while telling her to "have a wonderful day". That's service! :smiley:


Dec 5, 2009
Thanks for the redirect, Briman. I wanted to point out Regina and Ashley for those of you who find yourselves at Backwater Bar in IOA; they're awesome!


Contributing Member
Feb 11, 2010
Orlando, FL
He was such a nice person. May he RIP. I'd definitely go to his service tomorrow if I wasn't working.

I know a girl that has been coming to the parks since she was 4, and every year he's always been there for a laugh. They became such good friends that he sent her family a Christmas card each year. She is now 14 and it was painful for me to tell her. She definitely looked up to him. Just one example of the impact Don made on people.


Veteran Member
May 24, 2018
This is a little late(and by a little I mean about a year) but I would like to acknowledge on Universal TM. Sadly I didn’t get her name(think it might have been Elizabeth) as it was when I dislocated my elbow so I wasn’t fully aware. It happen on the first night of HHN 31. It was around 2pm and I was in front of Sapphire heading to Adventura from CB when I fell of my ECV due to hitting a corner wrong and it fell on top of me dislocating my elbow. The TM was right there to help and make sure I was okay. When she saw I wasn’t she got a manager and medical and stayed with me till an ambulance arrived to take me to the Orlando hospital. As it was a hot and sunny day she even ran back in once medical arrived to get me an umbrella to hold over me to give me shade. She was truly amazing. I wish I got her name to thank her.