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The Future of Holy Land

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The Obligatory maybe Comcast will buy it for the future parks quote. JK. Good riddance and pretty sacrilegious to begin with. All the idolatry made it hypocritical for the lessons it was trying to instill.
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As Danny Thomas would say, "Holy Toledo" ;). There might be 10 or 11 people that actually care. The guy in Kentucky that built the laughable Noah's Ark is probably doing back flips at the prospect of getting an extra 20 or 30 guests a month now that there's less competition. So, I guess that they were right when they said Orlando's tourism is collapsing. This is the hole in the dyke.........Fun Spot is shaking in their boots. What domino is the next to fall.......:lol:
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I just argued to myself to get out of this thread. I don't need any more enemies!
Giant lightning strikes spotted across the state of Maine. Horde of locusts is descending on the state capital. The moose are mating with wolves......Says the Governor of Maine; "Thanks Teebin. It's all on you". ;)
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If any of you get a chance, check out the Disney Dish podcast on the Holy Land:

I mean, I'm clearly not the target audience and I'm pretty poorly informed about the entire park, but those two made me believe that this place is something special.

EDIT: The embed is pretty cool. Just have to format my post decently.
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I don't quite get all the hate for this park. I've never been mostly because it's not something that I have a strong interest in and it's hard to justify the price for a small park, but I would like to see it. From all the photos I've seen it looks like a very nicely themed historical/mythology based park especially considering it's not a big budget park. I'm not really religious or anti-religious so I guess I don't see it any differently than any other themed land or park.
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The Passion of the Christ is just not a strong enough IP to sustain the whole park. And after that Mel Gibson controversy.. Did they consider bringing in Veggietales?

Ironic that Comcast/universal now owns Veggietales as its been owned by Dreamworks under Dreamworks Classic for awhile
Very surprised this place is having money problems. You would think the words Tax Exempt Theme Park would be bringing in plenty of cash.
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Do we really know that they are having financial trouble? I mean just because they're selling some stuff off doesn't necessarily mean that. Otherwise we would assume that Universal opening the prop shop means they're going out of business.