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The Icons and Lore Thread


Aug 12, 2021
Except they’re not. Jack is a “zombie” (undead). Mary is a ghost. Caretaker just “is.” He’s similar to the Director in that he has not canonically died.
Didn’t he and his whole family get burned alive in that house fire? Given the way her mirror world works, Mary is way too powerful to be a mere ghost. I was thinking more of the conventional zombie as seen in media, Jack at least never eaten anybody AFAIK.


Veteran Member
Jul 27, 2015
Well neither was Mary Agana’s. Did the whole Shady Oaks business with Albert Caine happen in the 1800s or 1900s; I’m curious about the timeline.
The fire was “10 years earlier” from when we visit Screamhouse, so it took place in 1992.