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"The Purge" Franchise Discussion

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May 5, 2020
Hit me with the 1, 2 punch why dont ya

USA Network Cancels Annual “The Purge”

and then....

Universal Pulls ‘The Forever Purge’ from Summer Release
Honestly, Purge 5 is probably going to be heaaaaavily tied to the current pre-election political moment, so it makes sense to get it out any way they can even though I'm pretty confident Uni would've preferred a theatrical release. There's just no guarantee it'll play as well next year.

As for the franchise as a whole, like, being honest; did anyone expect a five-movie, two-season multimedia franchise out of this in the first place? Plus I'm sure they made buttloads from the merch. They did pretty good with a small-ish action movie, and they can definitely keep the franchise alive with other things like books and maybe a theatrical reboot down the line.
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The only thing I can see the 6th one being about is the Founding Fathers of America have finally been disbanded and the actual purge is no longer a thing by the end of it.