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Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea


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May 23, 2013
Surprised no one posted the news yet, so it looks like I'll call dibbs. OLC and TokyoDisney announced a new expansion for the parks.

1) A Beauty and the Beast dark ride which looks AMAZING. It also looks similar to the Empire of the Penguin vehicles developed by Oceaneering. 
It's across from Pooh's Hunny Hunt and apparently will be Japan-exclusive. They got jelly about the US finally getting a Disney trackless dark ride with Star Wars Land so the OLC is claiming this one for themselves apparently, and rubbing it in our faces.  :lol:

Baymax Junkyard Jamboree is weird, but at least the ride system used should prevent it from coming to DLR and WDW. (Toy Story Land will have a version)

Had a good laugh at themed Soarin. Not even Shanghai, which has a story and a theme, has gliders that look that purty. I don't get the hate this is getting online. The Japanese buy what they want, and they want Soarin. Since the OLC's pockets run insanely deep, they're insanely themeing it. It's being located in a nice, pretty building and it won't compromise TDS' "integrity" as much as Toy Story Mania didn't. Just don't go into the damn pretty building. Park is beautiful but it's weird how protective some get about it in regards to the most minute things. Especially considering the park is FILLED with IPs. 

Not to mention this is replacing Arrendelle... which for some reason Japan dropped. I guess Frozen just isn't popular over there anymore? I find that difficult to believe. Jon or Jonathan, did you see any craziness over Frozen when you guys were there last year?
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Dec 16, 2015
My friend was just in Tokyo and the Frozen mania was still quite strong during her trip. Could just be that they have a good Prince Hans face, though. lol


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Nov 3, 2015
What’s the deal with the Alice in Wonderland expansion happening at TDL? I can’t come across any info on what it is or when it opens.


Jun 27, 2017
I mean this all looks great, excited to see if the Frozen ride is a better version, one we might want over at Disneyland