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Universal Creative Internships?

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Dec 31, 2014
Does anyone know if this site is reliable? 

Link below


I'm looking to apply to an internship for Universal Creative down in Orlando Florida, but I'm not quite sure where to apply. I seen this site several times before, it looks real, but just yesterday I made an account for it. I was about to apply for an application, but then it asked a ton of information (which is normal, I know) and my social security number. This is when I started to get suspicious. 

If anyone knows if this site is legit, this would really help me. Also if anyone knows another way to apply for a universal creative internship it would be really helpful. 

Thanks for listening guys. 
There wasn't a generic "Universal Creative" thread, but this was a nice story the other day about Universal Creative's efforts to recruit a diverse array of talent into the design side of the business:

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