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Universal Orlando 2020 Black Friday Offer

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Brian G.

Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Universal Orlando is offering some savings for Black Friday on November 27. Guests can save up to 40% on a Universal Orlando 4-Day, 4-Night vacation package combining theme park tickets and hotel accommodations.

They are trying, I hope no one breaks out the cost.
This is $1300 for a standard room (4 in a standard tower room? yikes) 4 nights so maybe $120 per night for room?
Leaves about $50 a day for 16 hopper tickets.
I think it is OK but Universal does not lose money at these points.
BTW it does not include parking!
I will prob try to book this deal to get my parents down to visit. My mom is a huge potter fan. If I can get the lowest price late september sun=thurs for a combo with halloween it is about as low a price as I could budget offsite.