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Universal Re-Acquiring PortAventura?


Apr 12, 2023
@pablo_es Out of curiosity do the Universal Classic Monsters still have the cultural relevance over there as they do in the US?
Dracula and Frankenstein do have relevance, they are legendaries. The Mummy is also known. I don't know any other characters.

If the return of Universal happens and they build a new park it would be a very good idea to include a "Halloween" area like Epic Universe's one or do the "Halloween Horror Nights". In Spain Halloween is very successful and it is the season with more attendance in the parks.
About 1 hour away from Port Aventura there's a scream park exclusively for Halloween called "Horrorland" which only opens October/November and is very very successful.


Elijah Abrams

Jul 3, 2021
I really wish Universal had a park in the UK (England, to be more specific). Nonetheless, if these rumors are true, at least Universal will finally have a park in Europe!


Apr 12, 2023
Uncharted has been officially announced. Opens on June 17th and the name is 'Uncharted. El enigma de Penitence' ('Uncharted. The Enigma of Penitence' - Penitence is the town). Here you have the announcement and the current status of the works.




Legendary Member
Nov 23, 2013
Looking into the element further and I have a small bit I can share but it’s likely not what people would want to hear. From my understanding, the principle of the meets last year between NBCU and Port Aventura lie more in the terms of IP licensing rather than simply reclaiming the park proper. Despite what Pablo has previously spoken of.

Could mean they may look to bring new licensed material to replace the old, could mean upholding current licensing agreements, but them buying PortAventura is not the thing in mind it seems.