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Universal's Epic Universe Hotel Speculation


Premium Member
Jul 17, 2014
Notices of commencement for foundation work posted for both the Project 912 hotel across the street from Epic Universe and the Project 910 hotel at the back of the park.

Contractor for P912 is in fact Finfrock, as we all had heard, but was not actually shown on documents specifically for that parcel until now. (Same contractor as Endless Summer Resort.)


Also, really cool to see permits for P912 already switching to the new Epic Blvd road name for the little road that leads to the theme park!


Here's one of two notices for P910's foundation work. This one is NOT being done by Finfrock. The notices for this one include both the hotel area and parking area.


And lastly, one of the P910 hotel's electrical sub-permit seems to confirm the rumor that the hotel at the back of the park will have 500 rooms. I know we've seen it in the trades for the hotel industry, but I never trust that those are coming from official sources and not just repeated rumors. Nice to see it on a permit now!



Nov 30, 2012
As I rode the Monorail yesterday I looked down onto the site for the new Polynesian DVC building and it looks like they're about ready to start the foundation work as well. I believe I read it will also be the prefab concrete construction method.

Now let's see who gets done first... :grin:

Of course DVC projects always seem to get built much faster than anything else on Disney property ;)


Veteran Member
Nov 3, 2015
Cabana Bae
Maybe they are dropping the apostrophes to be consistent with the original brand name. It started as Universal Studios, not Universal's Studio.
The last time they tried to be consistent with the original brand name didn't work out well...

Joking aside, I don't think it's a bad decision... but unnecessary like the new logos lol


Dec 13, 2009
Universal is a brand and identity on its own

So without the possessive "Universal" functions less as a "hey just so you know, this is our park too" and more as a "This is part of our family of experiences under what 'Universal' is and all that entails"

To me it shows a unique confidence in the brand as a whole, and, for a company that is taking synergy seriously, this all makes sense

That being said, please re-re-design the IOA and VB logo thank you


Jan 29, 2022
Loews is in the name for Portofino, Royal Pacific and Sapphire.

Universal is in the name for every other hotel except Hard Rock.

So will Loews be involved with any Epic hotels as designer or operator or both?