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Updating USH's Attraction Line-Up


Feb 17, 2014
Personally I find that a lot of USH’s attractions need an update or a new ride all together. Having the pass for a couple of years has made some of these attractions feel lackluster and stale and not very enjoyable.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem: this ride to me is an easy pass, the screen is just so small ( not to mention theres no 3D now)and it really doesn’t make you feel immersed, the ride system just looks awkward, this just doesn’t feel like a real ride. Plus it’s a simulator ride and USH already has one, it just seems wired to have two simulator systems in such a small park.

Animal Actors Stage: While the show is good and very cute, I feel like it should get a nice full update every one or two years. The show just feels stale since you know all the jokes and acts.

The Simpsons Ride: The Ride is not bad but at the same time it’s not great, It’s always been just meh to me. I do go on the ride once in a great while because I do love the Simpsons. I would probably go on it a bit more often if the line wasn’t always so long. It takes forever even when there isn’t that much people because the ride system is so slow, sometimes you won’t budge for 10 minutes.

The Walking Dead Attraction: This maze could have been so much better but it wasn’t and the show has fell into oblivion because of terrible storylines. It’s not a family attraction which universal needs more of.

Fast and the Furious Supercharged: The attraction can be very cringeworthy and the cgi effects as well as the acting are pretty bad.

Earthquake The Big One: A super cool mini ride, I’ve always loved Earthquake but it is 30 years old and has seen better days.

Special Effects Stage: This show is amazing and it’s still pretty new but hoping it doesn’t stay like this forever. Hopefully it can change of some of the effects and stunts every couple of years.

Revenge of the Mummy: While a fun ride, I feel it’s just too short because as you start, it’s over. The lighting and cutouts are not very convincing and the ending could be more dramatic instead of abrupt (like Snow White at Disneyland).

Sometimes I feel like Universal Creative makes some bad decisions. Attractions like E.T. Adventure, Terminator 2:3D, Kongfrontation and Back to the Furure we’re all replaced with far less impressive attractions.

What do you all think?

Mad Dog

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Jan 30, 2013
Pittsburgh area
Existing parks can't be all new , or almost new, attractions. That's not a financially feasible business model....Heck, look no further than "Disneyland". Not much new there before GESWL.


Feb 17, 2014
It’s not difficult to update shows every now and then and I am very glad about Jurassic World, Pets and Nintendo, I do like what they have done. Many people on the forums have expressed criticisms towards Walking dead, Supercharged, Despicable Me, Mummy and Simpsons so that’s nothing new.


aka Fallow
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May 26, 2010
I think Pets is really going to help the attraction mix. I do agree Walking Dead needs an update, but we should probably see a new high-tech House of Horrors in line with the new Universal Monsters branding & merch push.

I do wish Nintendo was getting DK & Mario Kart. The Lower Lot needs more compelling experiences.
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Feb 22, 2018
So Cal
Not saying some things don't need updates eventually. Simpsons' projectors were upgraded to 4K last year, although I feel they can do more soundproofing in the safety video room prior to the ride. You can hear and feel the ride happening while watching the safety video.

Mummy is their only thrill coaster so I can see it staying for at least a few years.

I personally don't think Supercharged is all that bad (I know, unpopular opinion) but if you ignore the storyline and just try to enjoy it for what it is, it has some thrilling moments.

Walking Dead is ok, but given that the TV show's popularity is dying, it's likely to be one of the first to be replaced.

Regarding Minions, I wish they would've made one theatre 3D while the other 2D, so guests can choose what they want to experience.

Earthquake is still a quality mini-show despite its age, other than that some effects don't work sometime, but for the most part it eventually gets fixed sooner or later.

SFX show is something I hope continues to stay. It actually shows how movie magic happens so I think it fits perfectly for a movie studios first, theme park second situation.

As a dog owner, I certainly do love animals, but I feel that maybe the Animal Actors show could be relegated to a smaller scale show on a stage in Universal Plaza. Hopefully, turn the existing Animal Actors venue in to a new dark ride.

They just have so much going on already so maybe we'll see new updates after JW or SLoP is finished.
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Mar 13, 2018
The transformation USH has been through since 2012 has been nothing short of remarkable. Yes there are things that still need addressing but it's truely incredible what they have achieved... and they are still going!

I think Pets is really going to help the attraction mix. I do agree Walking Dead needs an update, but we should probably see a new high-tech House of Horrors in line with the new Universal Monsters branding & merch push.

I do wish Nintendo was getting DK & Mario Kart. The Lower Lot needs more compelling experiences.
I'd say JW, Mummy & Transformers already makes the lower lot compelling... but it does need expansion and that's going to happen.

Mummy is their only thrill coaster so I can see it staying for at least a few years.
I hope so, I still love it, and when it does go I hope they add another thrill coaster to makeup for the loss.
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Dec 9, 2013
Los Angeles
I’ve held my tongue on this topic for long enough... let’s get real here!

USH has 6 rides right now... Despicable Me, FJ, Hippogriff, Mummy, Simpsons, Transformers.... that’s the lineup!

Tram is nice but i’m not throwing it in the ride lineup. Walking dead is a haunted house, not a ride....and Panda is a show.

Don’t let universal amp up the ride section of their website/app with these offerings as they know, as well as we do, that a lot of these are closer to shows than they are rides.

Allowing USH to use some of those attractions as “rides” this puts the tally on the entire park at 11 rides on their app. (this includes Olivanders as a ride, and super silly fun land..oh brother!)

IOA, by contrast, has 21 listed rides on their app and OH, guess what.... I checked out USO and they list Olivanders on their app as a show! Talk about USH being a little ride self conscious.

Yes, you can all argue an issue on the size of the park vs IOA and YES, SLOP and World are on the way... but this still only puts Universal at a total of 8 ride offerings. Has universal improved? Of course! Is USH approaching the most ride offerings they have ever had? Absolutely, they are passing it! But this is a different time in theme parks...

Everything is bigger and better. Universal is not competing with lower tier parks and still trying to find their way in the industry and make a name. That time is long behind them!

It’s Universal and it’s Disney. That’s it. DL currently has over 22 ride offerings and this is without ROTR yet to be added. Counting the “rides” on the app actually puts you in the mid to late 30’s but I did my best to only count true “rides.” And OH, if you happen to forgot, right across the road at DCA, you can find another 10 rides with Marvel still on the way. The actual attraction offering lists over 25 options, but again, did my best to narrow in on “Rides.” This puts DLR at 32 ride offerings and over 65+ total attraction offerings.

Why on earth would somebody, with 1-3 days in LA, choose to go to USH with 8 rides over DLR with over 30+ to choose from. Many of the 30 (at least 16) arguably being E-Tickets!

I’m a USH fan, don’t get me wrong. And that’s why I’m passionate about this! They are moving forward but at the same time, this feels like a losing battle due to space, poor IP and ride system decision, Disneyland putting on the gas, etc!

I have no doubt USH will continue to thrive and guests from across the globe will always throw their money at them but I don’t think there will be any question in the minds of theme park enthusiasts, who is “winning LA.”

Oh what could have been if USH
had Spider-Man instead of Transformers.... but that’s another topic.

Now, I know someone is going to sarcastically say “Dustin what would you do in Universal’s situation” and honestly, I don’t know! It’s not my job to study their obstacles, land, spacing, IP issues, budget, etc.. BUT, If I had my own BlueSky Dream Scenario, ill do my best to appease those of you that feel so inclined to hear what I have to say. This scenario is one where recently built things don’t matter if the they are now on the chopping block and this will also be kinda funky on spacing because that’s not my forte...... so this is what I would do.


Despicable Me and super silly fun land out for a massive inclosed E-Ticket. New building size could be massive. If it’s done in top and bottom levels with queue on one and ride on other, space is massive for a great ride here. You leave SLOP, you move play area to new location close by and you still have everything you need to satisfy parents and children and the park gains a desperately needed advanced E-Ticket.

Special effects show gets the axe here and another must-level attraction goes in. This will also take out some simpsons offerings in front of the show (taco truck, etc) but let’s do it. This will be a shooter in the style of MIB. Another attraction for the young ones so that’s we can build more thrill rides as we progress. IP will be whatever makes sense.

Simpsons gets demolished and reworked. Keep the IP (idc tbh) all I know is that there is too much space being obtained by an old ride system here. This entire area can be leveled and house a very entertaining new and more thrilling ride that isn’t so screen based and more based on thrills and practical elements. It’s desperately needed in UScHreens.

Tram area reworked and moved, figure out how to put hagrids in this area.

Upper lot complete. New Upper is as follows:

New E-Ticket In Despicable area, New Simpson’s, Forbidden Journey/Flight, Hagrids, Waterworld, Panda, Animal Actors, new MIB style shooter, Walking dead and SLOP. 7 real rides on the top now, alone.

If that’s not the perfect upper, what is?


Jurassic World, Mummy, Transformers, Mario Kart, (diagon if space allows) if no room for diagon, literally anything that will fit. Even moving special effects back down here if need be from the removal up top for the new shooter ride.

This puts USH at 11 true rides which is still a far cry from Disney’s offerings but I think this makes the park much more competitive as most of these offerings are now state of the art and have more to offer. Let me know your thoughts.
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