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Jake S

Feb 23, 2023
We don't have a thread yet for the Minnesota theme park (shocker!) but I'll be visiting as part of a work trip the first weekend of August, so I'd like to take the temperature of the room beforehand. Obviously the recent flooding has done a number on the park, and it remains to be seen what state it will be in a month from now. But, curious to hear if anyone has any specific recommendations for the park, whether it be attractions, things to see or places to eat.

Looking forward to bringing back some photos!
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Renegade is by far the best coaster in the park. And actually one of the best woodies in the country, I think. My home park is CGA and I like Renegade a good bit better than Goldstriker (which is great, don't get me wrong). The first drop is great and I don't think there's another GCI that has the same feeling of speed as you get on Renegade.

Steel Venom is great for the holding brake (the only one in the world still using it I believe!) and Excalibur is a bunch of janky Arrow fun. Other than that, the coaster collection leaves a lot to be desired. Wild Thing is my least favorite of the 6 Morgan hypers+. Mad Mouse has really low capacity so I'd recommend hitting that first.

Can't speak to food at all since my last visit was 6 years ago and tbh, I don't remember eating anything that was better than average theme park food.

It's a cute little park and it was fun for me to see the resemblance between it and Cedar Point and I have a lot of good memories living fairly close to the park and freezing my butt off on some cold MN fall days. I look forward to seeing your pictures!
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