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VIP Tour

Aug 1, 2018
Los Angeles
I wanted to treat my mom to Universal since she has not been in about 10 years. Decided to splerge for the VIP tour since I have always wanted to try it. I have seen them around the park and figured it would be a nice change from the standard visit.

Check in was simple. We had a 9:00 am tour and arrived about 8:15. They had a light breakfast with Small sandwiches, pastries, coffee and juice. It was a nice spread and the pastries were good. The only issue is my eggs on the egg and cheese sandwich was ice cold. Our tour guide met us as were were finishing up our coffee and told us where to meet him at 9:00. We had a really good tour guide and was really happy with his service.

Morning tours knock out most of the rides before lunch and then do the Studio tour in the afternoon. The entire VIP tour was 6 hours including lunch. We headed down to the lower lot to get all the rides in. They give you a complementary poncho for JW. All rides utilized the Single rider line since Universal is not using them right now. Got those rides done and headed up to Simpsons, Potter and SLOP. After SLOP we had a 1 hour break for Lunch. I had low expectations for lunch, but it was actually very good. A buffet of many dishes all being really good quality. Best food in the park by far (not saying much). They had a few character to meet at lunch. we saw Doc brown and dracula. After lunch we headed down to the Studio tour where we boarded the VIP bus.

The VIP tour takes you to many of the same places the studio tour does but stops in several locations to walk around and view some sets. The tour also seems more personal. More stories and details about the sets and locations that you do not get on the standard tour. We went on a Saturday so there was not filming or closed locations. If you went during a busy filming time or during the week the experience may not be as good because they could be limited where you can get out and walk around. We got out at brownstone and walked around New York and townhall square. it was nice taking pictures and watching the trams go by as we had the freedom to explore. We also got off at Europe sets and the WOW plane crash site. Overall I think this was a real added bonus to the standard tour.

Once we finished the tour we went to the dreamworks theater and said goodbye to our tour guide. We finished off the day with Water World, Animal Actors and Minions.

Being a Platinum passholder I was used to express and the great experience but I now think I am spoiled and probably will return to VIP for special occasions or if I am taking someone to Universal for their first visit. It is certainly an expensive day, but if you add up the perks it seems like there is good value. Percs include: Free Valet parking,Breakfast and Lunch, free premium water bottles, Better than Express and Express access all day and unlimited.

Overall a great experience.