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What are some non-horror IPs that would make good mazes


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Jul 8, 2017
I wouldn’t mind a Hollywood Bloody Mary house, a horror version of a ripoff Scooby Doo type(think From Dusk Till Dawn and Demon Cantina In Orlando), Wizard of Oz and Alice, oh and Holidayz of Horror


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Nov 23, 2013
Bloody Mary I would assume, wouldn't happen, unless if some things and strings we're pulled that would allow NBCU/Comcast to have merchandise.

That said, I do remember someone saying that they wanted BM back in 2008, but things occurred, and forced Hollywood to just have Freddy be the icon, but I could be wrong.


Nov 30, 2012
I would do Gotham/Arkham Asylum based on the TV show. Every time I watch it I think it would make a great HHN attraction.


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Feb 15, 2010
The Mushroom Kingdom
I've basically tried to come up with the concept in my head, and I think it'd be easy to do. Have a queue video with the Ron Pearlman narration at the beginning of the first game explaining the world, then cut it with the promotional videos Bethesda did for Fallout 3. House starts in the Vault where raiders are attacking and you have to escape. Once you're in the Wasteland you have a scene with Ghouls, one with Super Mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel fighting, and then a big ending with a Deathclaw puppet/AA
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Chris Galindo

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Feb 22, 2015
This is a bit random but I feel like something involving creatives from Adult Swim would be fun. Not necessarily themed to any of their content specifically but just some sort of collaboration.
I completely agree. I feel their bumpers alone are an acid trip at times. That lonely stoner mentality can be really scary.
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Jul 27, 2015
Hunger Games
True Blood
Rick and Morty
Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell


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Jun 28, 2017
rick and morty has tons of potential. so much so a friend of mine did a fan house treatment for it
"I imagine that the facade would have a lazy look to it, basically being a portal with some R&M props around it - A wanted poster for Rick and Morty, a spare plumbus lying about, a cup, pen, and notebook somewhere to the side, and two Council Ricks interrogating a Universal Security Guard (The three - static props with a sound system - argue over things related to the house, such as the guard asking how "There even is a council after the events of The Rickshank Redemption", the Ricks trying to kill the man but their guns jamming, etc) outside the fence. As you can imagine, once you get into the house (The portal is projected onto curtains), things pick up:

  • Entrance: After going through the facade, you go through a revolving tunnel made to look like the portals.
  • Smith Garage: Of course, the house leads to Rick's Lab. Rick (Via recordings of Justin Roiland) explains just how stupid you are for entering the house, and states that his portal gun is going haywire, meaning that, if you want to get to your home reality, you're going to have to chance it with the portals. Morty, struggling to keep the door closed, complains that, of all times, Rick's gun goes nuts when Zeep escapes his dimension and gathered many of Rick's worst enemies (In a simpler way than that, probably). Zeep can be heard threatening Rick from behind the door. (You can replace Zeep with anyone, really, it's just the first thing that popped into my mind.)
  • Scary Terry: Terry's boiler room. Morty casually explains that Terry is actually "Cool" with him and Grandpa, only for Rick to point out that it's the guests that are in danger. Terries will hide behind the machinery and under the walkway.
  • Mr. Meeseeks: A room full of Meeseeks who have all gone insane from failing at their quest to kill Rick C-137, mirrors giving the illusion that the army is bigger than it really is. The lighting is provided from sparks from the broken light fixtures and muzzle flashes from the Meeseeks' guns. And to top it all off, several Meeseeks are complaining. (sorry.)
  • Fart: The room is filled with blue gas with several balls of colored light, with Goodbye Moonmen playing. A suicidal gear cop will rush guests.
  • The Council: The Council of Ricks are putting Morty and Rick (Or Summer) on trial. Riq IV lists their crimes, before getting sidetracked by "That one dumb###" (A random guest that the Scaracter picks). A couple of Rick guards then follow them through the room. Other Ricks include Dumb Rick (With a bloody hammer), Commander in Chief Rick, and a SEAL Team Rick.
  • Uncertain Ricks: Rick's Lab. Summer and Morty and distracting the Time Cop, while Rick (Two Actors constantly ducking behind cover, aided by the strobe light) engages in a firefight with himself.
  • The Federation: Aw, Birdperson is getting married! Except Tammy pumps him full of whatever the ammo of Galactic Federation guns is. Several Gromflomites hide in the pews, waiting to attack other wedding guests.
  • Memory Parasites: Rick, Morty, Summer, and Beth hold there own against the Parasites, causing blood and guts to splatter everywhere. Several parasites flop around, dead, and Jerry can be seen mournfully making out with the half-parasite Sleepy Gary, before lunging at guests. (Never happens in the episode, and Parasites don't turn slowly enough for it to happen. I imagine Universal and Adult Swim would fine tune these ideas.)
These are ideas for rooms, out of order, missing several. If a Rick and Morty house does come to Halloween Horror Nights, the people making it would probably come up with a better idea than I did.

And there should be a Krampus poster in the house, as an Easter egg."
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Jan 1, 2014
Random thought. This actually is horror but I guess in unconventional bc its a children's movie. I was thinking Coraline would make for a good maze or really anything involving Laika in some capacity. Most people consider it genuinely scary (I would say more so than Ghostbusters). Majority of the people who remember watching it as kids are now early/ mid 20s or at the very least teens. They also pretty much have the rights to it through Focus Features