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What are some non-horror IPs that would make good mazes

Nicholas Leon

Aug 1, 2019
Would something like Newgrounds' IPs count? I feel like it could be a maze that's both horror and comedy that is either 3-D or not.


Premium Member
May 20, 2015
Upper Lower
Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

If it worked for Alice it could be a band of creepy characters as you are injected onto the bus. Cue the spinning entry...


Staff member
Sep 22, 2011
Netflix's You would fit the event absolutely perfectly, although creating an original house around the same general concept wouldn't be that hard.


Sep 6, 2021
Hollywood's Mummy does not have Brendan Fraser saying " I would have enjoyed myself too if I had GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEEE!"

HHN Hollywood should have a Mummy (1999) maze that gives the west coast a place for that line to exist in LA (even though that line is not in the movie).

Now... is a Mummy (1999) maze likely to ever happen given that there is a Revenge of the Mummy attraction and they had one back in the day as a day time walk through... well I would not be shocked if after the "80's comedy" trend (Ghostbusters, Killer Klowns and the planned Beetlejuice maze) HHN on both coasts goes "80's/90's Action" with the Mummy (1999), Jurassic Park, and maybe Terminator.