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What Kind of FOL Ticket Options are Available for HHN?


May 13, 2017
This past weekend my bf and I had a blast at USH. I got him VIP passes to celebrate his birthday and not having to wait in lines really helped a lot. We are thinking of coming back to USH for Halloween Horror Nights. What kind of FOL passes do they offer for this? Also, how does HHN work (as in do you have to buy separate tickets for it, apart from the daytime Universal passes)? Thanks!

MacMillian Crew

Veteran Member
Jul 16, 2016
For Hollywood, they just offer the standard Front of the Line pass. Get to go to the Front of the Line for each attraction once. They got rid of HHN VIP experience back in 2015. Also, yes HHN is a special ticketed event. If you have a year pass, you can get a discount, but it won't cover admission to the event.
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