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Wings Over Washington at Miner's Landing, Seattle


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May 23, 2013
I got a chance to ride Wings Over Washington at Miner's Landing on the Seattle Waterfront this past week. Calling Miner's Landing an amusement park is an enormous overstatement, as it's really just a pier with a carousel, the Seattle Giant Wheel and this flying ride along with some gift shops, snack bar, restaurants and arcade. However, don't let that mistake you for the quality of this attraction. Created shockingly by the owners of the pier in conjunction with Dynamic Attractions and Garner Holt, it's a gorgeous presentation that's very reminiscent of Knott's Mystery Lodge.

Very much a tribute to the Pacific Northwest and its indigenous people (celebrating their culture), the pre-show is a delight taking place in a small cabin. Three "windows" show a park ranger explaining the wildlife and how legend tells of a thunderbird possibly letting guests take flight. Various masks on the walls come to life throughout the presentation, and before you enter the theater a mist screen comes down over the entrance showing the Thunderbird.

The loading station is incredible. The seats are themed to wooden benches as you overlook a starry night with a totem pole in the center of this forest. Above you is a star-filled ceiling, and the rest is filled with faux pine trees and even animatronic owls and raccoons. I was stunned at the detail. Coincidentally we went the same day that Soaring Fantastic Flight had the first POVs go up, and while that TDS attraction was a major upgrade, it still wasn't as well done as this.

The ride film had fantastic motion, and the three benches were tiered enough to prevent feet dangling. Screen from top to bottom was probably about 40 to 50 feet tall, but it fit your entire peripheral. It was about the length of Soarin, if not a bit longer, and incorporated scents such as pine and flowers. The CGI was.... not great, but it almost added to the charm. (they go over a Huskies game with terribly CG'd people and I let out a good laugh) The actual picture quality was crisp and clean, and nobody in our party ever got motion sick. There are mandatory stairs involved before the show, which was unfortunate for my father who is disabled, but we were able to trek it.

Ending was ripped straight out of Soarin, going back to our main location with fireworks but it didn't matter. We had a great time and the presentation more than made up for any drawbacks. Afterwards you exit into an upper area out a wooden cabin. Sadly, the attraction has zero merch which was a disappointment. Probably one of the first times I would've preferred exiting out the gift shop.

This is truly a hidden gem that blows Disney out of the water in areas, and I implore everyone to check it out if they have the chance while in Seattle.