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Yokohama Theme Park (Disney-Class) Concept


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Nov 23, 2013
Was unsure where to put it--but I figrued it would actually be..worth talking about.

Yokohama is proposing a multi-year effort, that would use the land west of Yokohama, once used for military efforts by the US; that would include a Disney-class style theme park concept.

There has been no deadline in place--as the land is expected to use about a near 600 acre plot of land; as they have been recieving multiple concepts and proposals. As of now, city officials have pinpointed of a major US movie studio being in the holding as the operator of the project. No information has been given out on if it could be Universal, Disney, Warner Media, or any other major film company. However, they are expecting a total of 6.5 to 13 million when the park opens.