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  1. WAJAS98

    Disney Research, but for Universal?

    Does Universal have a research labs network like Disney does through Disney Research? I'm trying to find any research that they may have published or supported.
  2. M

    Greetings from someone going solo

    Hello! I'm a longtime Orlando fan heading there for my first solo trip in January. I will be meeting friends at Disney (haven't been in 18 years, which is CRAZY) but then will be doing a few days at Universal on my own. I just joined the forum and wanted to say hi. And if anyone has any tips...
  3. S

    New here - Hello all!

    Hey gang! New to this forum but lived in Florida for 40+ years. Used to work for Disney many years ago - I was there when Star Tours opened and Pleasure Island in 1989. Moistly interested in Hollywood Studios/Galaxy's Edge, so you'll see me over there a lot. Got my own Galaxy's Edge page but...
  4. CowMissing

    Disney Featured in Television Programs

    Disney - Beyond the Parks [Destination America] Featurette (2016): A featurette of Beyond the Parks which aired on Destination America in January 2016. Disney extends beyond the theme parks to places like Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, in Hawai’i; aboard magnificent Disney Cruise Line ships...
  5. CowMissing

    Disneyland Railroad

    Fascinated by everything from steam-powered locomotives to Walt Disney’s love of trains, fans of the Disneyland Railroad are eager to hop aboard once again for a narrated tour of Disneyland Park. They have eagerly anticipated the July 29 reopening of this iconic attraction, almost as much as...