1. JustAUniversalGuy

    Seth MacFarlane Inks $200MD Overall Deal with NBCUniversal

    So some massive news has emerged today! Seth MacFarlane is on the move. Following decades-long relationship with 20th Century Fox Television, the man behind Family Guy has signed a rich, nine-figure overall deal with NBCUniversal Content Studios. You can find out more here: Seth MacFarlane...
  2. kimberlyduncan20

    Can I Leave Dobby a Sock @ Universal Studios Hollywood?

    i am taking my son to universal studios Hollywood in a month and am wondering if we should each take a sock where we can leave for Dobby? Is there anywhere where this can be done? Thank you!
  3. WAJAS98

    Disney Research, but for Universal?

    Does Universal have a research labs network like Disney does through Disney Research? I'm trying to find any research that they may have published or supported.
  4. UniversalDude

    MIB: Alien Attack Revamp?

    Hi, I’ve watched this forum for a few years but never interacted before! I just had a thought after watching the new MIB International trailer relating to the ride at the Studios. Now that MIB is the only piece of World Expo (assuming Fear Factor is on the chopping block) after Back to the...
  5. Chris

    StudiosAdventure.com - December 16, 2018

    Inside Universal is partnering with Third Gate Games for their event at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday, December 16, 2018. To register, visit StudiosAdventure | Just another Third Gate Games Site *Theme Park admission is required in addition to the registration fee. Check your annual...
  6. UltimateUOR

    Nintendo Land Rumors:Mario

    Recently, some rumors about Universal Studios Orlando's upcoming Nintendo Land have been circulating. Some rumors say that Mario won't be the "center of attention", this intrigues me as Mario is Nintendo's star. It may mean less business for Universal which would mean less money meaning less...
  7. Pete L

    1 Day Two Park Plan

    Hi there! Me and my fiancé are planning a trip to Orlando in the second week of October. We'll be spending most of our time at Disney World but really want to get one day in at Universal. I know one day isn't an ideal amount of time to explore both parks and we don't expect to do everything...