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3rd Theme Park ideas?????


Aug 2, 2010
Okay so with all this money Potter has been bringing in for Uni, & with phase2 on the way, do you think it's possible a 3rd park could come along to compete with Disney?
If so where would it go? What would it be themed to? What would it have in it? Ideas, ideas, and more ideas!!!:thumbs:


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Jul 24, 2008
Orlando, FL
I don't believe that Uni is planning on building a 3rd gate. I believe that their plan is to further flesh out their existing 2 parks with additions and upgrades and rethemeing of existing attractions. Face it there is a lot to fix in the parks they have. The theater in Toon Lagoon needs a quality show. I have a hard time believing how long that space has been under utilized. Especially with the Potter crowds. I would have expected a full blown show in there LAST summer. Mainly because shows are a quick and easy fix. And how popular is the Animals Actors show? That would be a great space for a different type of show. And FFLive is done after next year. I would think that a revamp of the entertainment department and new shows in their 3 theaters would be a good thing.

Combine that with upgrades around the resort like the rumored 4th hotel and on property waterpark, I believe that Universal has a lot on their plate without considering a 3rd gate.
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Apr 7, 2010
if they build a third park it will be a water park. 2 parks is plenty, especially when those parks have lots of room for improvement. They are also a lot more land locked then Disney is. They don't have nearly as much space for expansion.

Considering Potter is going to connect the two parks via railroad, depending on how they market it, Universal may actually become ONE park.


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Jul 18, 2008
I'd honestly rather just have the water park and further additions to CityWalk and a resort than a third theme park. I think Universal and Islands still have plenty of opportunities to enhance the parks with new attractions.


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Aug 6, 2008
Universal City
They just need to finish/fill up the 2 existing parks. Plenty of unused/underutilized space.

Disney should have stopped at 3 IMO. 4 is just too much for them to handle.


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Dec 13, 2009
They just need to finish/fill up the 2 existing parks. Plenty of unused/underutilized space.

Disney should have stopped at 3 IMO. 4 is just too much for them to handle.
That is actually a really good point. I think Disney just built a fourth gate because they could. Hollywood Studios was (and still is) extremely small and Epcot needed more rides before they opened a fourth gate. Universal I think is going to do it smarter, I could see their third gate being a high tech water park and their fourth gate(ish) being some kind of 'experience' indoors (a la Disney Quest only better). **Warning controversial statement** I am personally glad Universal doesn't have the land that Disney has , it gives them opportunity to improve on existing things and for their parks to be ever changing and improving. Reminds me of Walt Disney originally saw for Disney World and Land. Look at Sea World for instance, they have three gates and they are all very very different and interesting yet their only 'theme park' is the original Sea World park that they started with. Even that park has improved dramatically in the last ten years.

So if you skipped all of that I believe the third gate will be a water park and a potential fourth gate will be an innovative experience in some way. First though CityWalk needs an expansion, Universal needs some new shows, and Islands needs a few more new rides before we talk about a new park.


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Sep 2, 2009
The Forbidden Forest
I also think that a third park would be a water park, but we'll have to see if it's ever going to happen. Doesn't Universal own/partner with Wet n Wild?

And have to fully support what y'all are saying about the need for improvement in the show department...


Jan 16, 2012
I want to see a themed water park.
This. I don't know how the deal with Wet'n'Wild works, but it's got to end sometime. Having a water park to its name would be a great move for Uni. That is the only third gate I could see as a possibility, and it's the only option that could fit size-wise. Let's face it, as so many others have already said, UOR is pretty short on space.