A Lurker Rises


Mar 2, 2020
Hey IU Community,
For a couple years now, I have lurked within the shadows, and I have seen the tides of HHN rise and fall, I have gotten the inside scoop from here more times than I can count such as spec leading to Ghostbusters at HHN and early rumblings that T2 would be replaced by Bourne, and most of all, I just think it is time to finally become a member of the community. Living in the Northeastern US means that I don't really have as much access to the parks than other people on these forms.
But, above all else,

hi. :wave: i cant wait to finally meet everyone.


Veteran Member
Aug 7, 2018
Welcome to the forums!! Also a northeastern-er myself, although planning to move to the Tampa/Orlando area soon. It’s such a great community here. For the most part everyone is super respectful and actually interested in thoughtful and meaningful discussions. Easily the best forum I’ve ever found. We’re happy to have ya aboard!


Aug 7, 2018
Welcome! I'm from the Northeast too, so visiting and chatting on these forums are my way of a mental trip down to Universal. Have fun!
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