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Best Value for the Price?


Apr 14, 2013
No...this is not what is the cheapest hotel thread. This is to discuss what everyone thinks is the best bang for the buck hotel. What property gives you the best experience for the price? This can either be one of the 5 onsite resorts or an offsite property.

My pick for the best resort value for a Universal vacation is Royal Pacific. For about $200 a night you get a nice resort, express pass, quick transportation and a short beautiful walk to City Walk. Express is self explanatory as a value and for a family of 4 can rack up the value pretty fast. The boat transportation is quick, reliable and comfortable. It is one of my favorite modes of transportation in Orlando. The boat also drops you off in the middle of City Walk which is great. The rooms are moderately sized and quite comfortable. The resort is compact with an efficient design keeping the amenities easily accessible.

There are only two negatives in my mind. The pool is the only on site pool without a slide and the food options are not great. The food options at the hotel leave a lot to be desired, however the close proximity to City Walk makes it easy to get great food relatively quick. I just wish there was a grab and go place for breakfast at the hotel. Tempted to book club level just for the continental breakfast.

The resort is not the 'best' resort on property but I don't think it can be beat for the price and is highly recommended!

What resort do you think is the best value?
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Feb 17, 2016
If you are able to go during low or medium crowd times, i am CBBR all the way.

My wife loves that era's decor (and of course, Mad Men); my kid loves the lazy river; i love the Hideaway and the Swizzle.

No EP stinks, but the extra morning hour is great. Food court slightly better than average; bowling alley is neat (we've never played, just ate there while watching). You can sneak over to SF for a boat ride like @ConvolutedFrippery does, but the Garden Walk is awesome as you've mentioned.

Hoping for a walkway to VB...
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May 20, 2015
Upper Lower
I think CBBR is the best value but I have stayed at RP and enjoyed it. I don't need the express so it has little value for me

The Orchid lounge across from the lobby has grab and go things each morning.
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Dec 2, 2011
Seattle, WA
The hardest part is figuring out what Express is worth. It really depends on your trip length, which rides you absolutely want to do, and which rides are Express enabled.


Jan 26, 2017
Royal Pacific is hands down my favorite and provides the best value for us. Price, location, EP's, I personally love the food/restaurants there. To me its the perfect nexus of offerings.
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