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Destination D23 - 2023

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It sounds like if we are lucky another possible announcement we can add to the parks panel is a Dinoland replacement. As for Disneyland Resort, the only announcement I see happening aside from possibly that Avatar experience is the Avengers E ticket gets reconfirmed along with some new details and concept art for the attraction, assuming it is still happening. Some people over on the WDW Magic forums seem to believe that the Avengers E ticket is not dead and point to the fact it was announced by Ken Potrock as still moving forward back in May at that event for Disneyland Forward. As for the overseas parks, I am hoping we get more concept art of actual pictures of the attractions in Fantasy Springs.
They wont....but I'd like to see what they are planning for Avatar at the DLR. Mainly, I'm just hoping it's planned for DCA

Disneyland could retheme Critter Country and a new Tomorrowland would be nice but DCA needs new lands and attractions I doubt they will but would like some updates on Avatar/Avengers
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I'll be there! Excited because this is my first D23/Destination D23 event of any kind but definitely keeping my expectations LOW for any kind of announcement. I'm mostly looking forward to being in the building where it all happens.