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Disneyland Paris to recieve 150 million expansion

Disney and More posted a new article about the rumored Star Wars expansion of Disneyland Paris, after President of the EuroDisney Resort Philippe Gas said at a recent stockholder meeting, "There is indeed a Star Tours / Star Wars project. I've seen preliminary renderings of it, and it's quite extraordinary. But we are just at the start of it."


Disneyland Paris is such a neat park, always wanted to go there...could this be the first of many Star Wars expansions?
I thought we had a Ratatouille thread but since I can't seem to find it...

The plans for Ratatoiulle: Kitchen Calamity courtesy of DCP Facebook page.
So this going to trackless then correct, and thanks for sharing jymmy
Yes it's the trackless/cave system. When somebody posts the plans for the Gusteau's next to the entrance, I'll post that as well.

Ahh Cave tech and Disney doesn't do media based attraction huh
Dumb question, but what does a trackless ride look like? I'm picturing the bobsled-esque roller coasters?
The Pooh ride at TDR is another example and the only other one there is for now is Empire of the Penguin aside from MM.