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Disney's "Getting Closer to Normal" Guidelines


Dec 13, 2009
I think some people never want this to end. Per other threads on here we have talked about how Cloth masks don't offer up much protection and at least from who I've seen at theme parks almost no one has the N97 masks.
also people are acting as if you can't wear a mask...you can where one when and where ever you like. But I'm glad at this point its back on you as a person, if you feel its unsafe to go to Disneyland...do not go and those who feel its safe go and enjoy with or without a mask
All I have is an N64, and when I strap it to my face people make fun of me


Feb 17, 2016
All I have is an N64, and when I strap it to my face people make fun of me


@shiekra38 I do not know you at all but I get the feeling you are younger (and usually quite funny). That said, if you are not a dad yet, I fear for your child. It is only going to get worse. :cheers: