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Disney's Hollywood Studios (General Discussion)

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Finally watched that cringefest of a 35th anniversary cele-presentation. Yay for muppets & I guess Fantasmic finale.. otherwise lame.

Disney: We couldn't do it without our amazing cast members!

Everyone: Then pay them better!

Disney: Give them applause! And to celebrate, we're raising prices instead of wages! :party:
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Man, they gotta reopen that Muppet shop at some point, right?? Or is it just gonna be standing but not operating until they tear out the whole land in 10+ years?
While expanding behind AC will probably be the next thing on docket for DHS, I think they could probably keep MuppetVision as a tribute to Henson and instead tear out Star Tours and Indy for a new land instead.
Comedy Dating GIF by CBC

Please no! That hub area was finally so nice! :sob:

The Star Wars stage was big and ugly, and this one is too. You wouldn't put a big concert stage in front of the Castle or Tree of Life.
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