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Favorite House

What was your overall favorite haunted house?

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Aug 14, 2009
Gainesville, FL
Houses were very well rounded this year. All were solid, but all also lacked that extra "Wow" factor for me. Not to say I didn't really enjoy quite a few of them, but I don't think any are quite as good as some of my all-time favorites.

Initial hopes and dreams: I was frothing at the mouth to see Nightingales. I thought this house had the coolest house concept in years, and I was ready as hell. Forsaken was very highly anticipated as well, for its unique location and possibilities. I didn't give a **** about the In-Between, because I'd always seen 3D as more of a gimmick than a legit scare tactic. And Saws was in a bad location, so I resigned myself to its demise.

Opening Weekend: (*Woa! Lots of potential from that Nightingales house! Woa! Is that a man being torn in half?! Woa!*)

Event Progresses: (*Woa...why does everyone in Nightingales seem so bored...Woa...this is...really disappointing...*)
In the end, Nightingales really fell apart for me. After my first run, it seemed like everytime I went in, the actors seemed less interested. The soldier getting ripped in half was always a treasure to see...but seeing it was tricky. A lot of rooms just didn't seem to have much going on...A lot of potential, but it ended up being largely mediocre. All my love was transferred over to the two houses I had previously discounted, the amazingly cool and pretty damn scary In-Between, and a damn well-done Saws n Steam house. Gotta love that scuba man. Whoever played him, you're my hero.

1. In Between (9.5/10) -- House of the Year for consistently giving the most scares and for one of the coolest environments I've seen in a long time.
2. Saws n Steam (9/10) -- If they could always do this in the jaws queue, why don't we see something this kickass here every year?
3. Forsaken (8/10) -- Nice sets, nice effects, very good actors. Just wish it was longer...
4. Nightingales (8/10) -- Not the classic I thought, but hey -- I cared enough about it to make sure my friends and I were the last guests ever to enter this bad boy.
5. Winter's Night (7.5/10) -- Beautiful, huge sets. A few very creative scares, but lacked a bit in intensity.
6. Nevermore (7.5/10) -- I really loved all the scenes in here, but scares were hard to come by.
7. The Thing (7/10) -- Nice looking sets, but let's be honest -- this house had nothing on Assimilation.
8. H.R. Bloodengutz (6/10) -- Creative and pretty cool at parts. But it wasn't really my thing. Sets were overall my least favorite, and not a single scare in close to 10 walkthroughs.


Veteran Member
Mar 26, 2008
As everyone's been saying, there was not one bad house this year at all and I enjoyed each one.

My favorite house was H.R Bloodengutz. I never had so much fun in a Disaster! queue house until this one.

My favorite in the beginning was The In-Between.

My most anticipated was Nightingales: Blood Prey and it really did live up to that.

Sleeper hit was definitely Saws N' Steam. This is most DEFINITELY the best use of the Jaws queue since Friday the 13th Camp Blood. Camp Blood and Saws are probably the top two uses of the queue. I was expecting an awful house and was blown away by the level of detail, effects, and costumes in this house. They really worked well with what was also placed in the queue and they couldn't remove.

This year has given me 3 of my favorite HHN houses of all time.


Premium Member
Feb 1, 2008
Central, Fl
As I said, I think it shows how much effort was put into houses this year when we have 5 houses with 4 or more people having it as their favorite. If you go and look back at the past polls it's all very concentrated towards one house.

2010: Hades.
2009: Dracula.
2008: Body Collectors and Scary Tales.

This year it's all over the board which I view as a sign of a growing and much stronger event.


Veteran Member
Mar 26, 2008
I wish I could find more pictures of In-Between. I'd really like to know what effects were used, because I LOVE anything in a haunted house that disorients you.
Here are some images I managed to scrounge around and pull up and a few my friends posted.



Veteran Member
Mar 26, 2008
I mean its not like it was taken with a camera phone... how did the flashlight nazis not pounce?
Me thinks this was a inside job!!
Within the last few nights, they get really lenient about the whole no pictures thing. I've gotten a few pictures just by asking before hand.

Octobers Fade

DEAD inside
Premium Member
Jul 10, 2010
NoRemorse Cemetery
Within the last few nights, they get really lenient about the whole no pictures thing. I've gotten a few pictures just by asking before hand.
Cool, I figured late in the night or at about closing or something.
I could barely get pics in the zones last year as they were being really difficult.