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Fright Feast Questions


aka Fallow
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May 26, 2010
Hey guys,

I'll be making my first ever trip to Howl-O-Scream to kickstart my haunt weekend in Florida tomorrow morning. I'm about to buy my tickets and was strongly considering the Fright Feast considering all of the great things I've heard about it here and elsewhere - but I had a couple questions for those of you who've done it before.

On the official website it says checkin begins at 5:45. Where is check-in, at the front gates? Is prior Busch Gardens admission required? On a semi-related side note, is there a drop off zone at Busch Gardens like at Universal? (I'm planning on getting a ride from a friend and won't require parking.)

Also, I know you get released 30 minutes early, and the show takes place at the Desert Grill (I'm familiar with the park layout, been to Busch in normal hours many times) - what houses are open early? I know Zombie Mortuary is right by the restaurant, just wanted to clarify. Any battle strategies that have worked for you guys in the past?

Thanks for any insight, I'm really excited to see something new before hitting up Halloween Horror Nights Friday-Sunday.

Octobers Fade

DEAD inside
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Jul 10, 2010
NoRemorse Cemetery
FF is worth every penny!!
Yes there is a visitor drop off, the entrance is just north of Busch Blvd on the NW side of the road, in the front of the park and opposite of the main parking lot.
You can get into BGT at 5:00 with a HOS ticket and you will get a wrist band.
Fright Feast check in is at the DG where you will get another wristband that you will you use for the front line access.
When you hear the Time Warp, at the Fiends show, get ready to leave that is the send of the show.
Houses to see in order that works for me, which is basically counter clockwise...


The Harvest Haunt zone won't be open when you first go through, it won't until later, so you can back later to check it out.
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aka Fallow
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May 26, 2010
Thanks so much, sounds perfect. Hopefully I can get a ride in on a coaster before heading over to Desert Grill, then. Really pumped for Zombie Mortuary, Nevermore, Circus of Superstition, and Death Water Bayou - sound like excellent houses.