Halloween Horror Nights 2020 Speculation Thread

Apr 26, 2019
Anyone have any thoughts about Legacy’s latest clue in the Orlando thread? Someone made a pretty good case for Pet Sematary. Not sure how realistic it is but officially going on the record to say that an OG Pet Semetary would be incredible. It’s in the top five of my wishlist.


Jun 30, 2019
That Pet Semetary one was a pretty good guess but Legacy said that wasn’t the answer to that hint. Does the clue only apply to Orlando’s event?

Chris Galindo

Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
Kinda coming to terms with the fact we'll never get Twin Peaks. Don't know why Murdy wouldn't bite the bullet when it has so many elements in horror he loves to bring to life since they're challenging/ freaky. Can already picture the Pepper's Ghost changing room of The Giant waving his hands saying "It Is Happening Again..." while it switches back and forth between a Julee Cruise impersonator