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Halloween Horror Nights 23 Construction

I hate how people are complaining about the archway. What did you want them to put up there? There's no icon. There's no point in having a video screen.

Kind of begs the question, doesn't it?...
I find the archway sufficient. I mean, it will look just fine at nightime with proper lighting effects and fog. Why waste money on theming something you walk by maybe twice in the night when that money can be used elsewhere. Also, I find that physical props paced out here only complicate crowd flow for security check, which is bad enough. That said, I think something similar to the 3-D mapping projections used to make the NY buildings crumble and fall might be pretty neat on the archway. Like it either crumbling like NY's facades, A zombie horde scaling it, a warewolf crawling up there to houl at the moon, blood driping down it, general distortion and pulsing... I mean the possiblities are almost limitless. I suppose like leakage from City Walk may be a consideration, but not a deal breaker. I think it would be a great attention grabber and possibly draw some crowds who, other wise, were not planning to attend.
I know most of these have been posted, but I figure it's easier to see them here then click links. Here's props and signage from yesterday: