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Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread (2020)

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Living Dead Dude

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Apr 7, 2019
Does anyone know why they changed the sign?
Could be pretty much everybody knows the house line up this year and they wanted one last surprise announcement and the second they put up the sign indicated a show would be put there orrrrrrrrr its a old sign and they put it up and got in trouble for putting it up and had to take it down? Or there’s just no show and they put up the wrong sign?


Oct 4, 2018
Im gonna just say that this maybe the most logical assumption.

I can't believe the Lagoon show may get scrapped. Is it almost definitely a no go?
I think we will get a show, but I bet as far as the sign, Legal asked them to take it down until the event is actually confirmed. I don’t see how the lagoon show can happen unfortunately.


May 24, 2018
But which one is the wrong sign?

I think people are getting worked up over a sign. lol How does that imply that HHN is cancelled?
Putting up a sign the says FFL is closed for HHn and then changing that sofn to say FFl is not in predicting today and removing HHN from it


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Aug 18, 2017
Honestly there really is no comedy House this year. A lot like 27 in that way, Ash was technically a comedy House but was also scary. I’m betting Beetlejuice will be similar
Ash was definitely "the comedy house." So is Beetlejuice. TCM3D could as well ("do your thing cuz!").

The thing is that even though it flopped, Ash was still the only comedy house that year. Everything else was played completely straight.
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Mar 6, 2020
If I was going to read into the sign replacement at all, I'd read it as the original sign saying it was closed to prepare for an HHN show being there while the replacement sign simply means there likely isn't going to be a show there, not that HHN just isn't happening (because, again, it is).

It's just a basic save face for later so when there's no show they wouldn't get questions like 'but the sign outside of FFL for three months said it was being prepared for HHN (a show)?'.

On the topic of shows in general, I'm not sure how I'd feel about them this year. On one hand they could possibly be useful tools for keeping the crowds spread and having one more thing for people to do outside of houses. With reduced capacity it'd be a place to disperse the entire crowd even thinner that isn't a house. On the other hand, even with reduced capacity would it be too much of a headache to keep a 'show' safe enough to be worth doing? Would it be worth the hassle as well? I can imagine angry patrons who've waited an hour for a show to start but end up not getting into the next showing because they're at the back of the line and only so many people are let into the theater area.

In all likelihood FFL would probably best be used as a U-REST (IN PEACE) area for the event. Maybe with a big screen that plays not a show but just clips from films spliced in with segments with some of the Icons. That way there's something to entice people to go in there and spread out but it's not an 'event' that everybody will NEED to go to and cram the place.


Oct 4, 2018
I want to clarify, I wasn’t starting a will it or will it not happen this year thread. That isn’t what I was insinuating. I guess it was deleted but someone responded to my post saying bro. I have very clearly been in the I know it’s happening camp, but that’s besides the point.

I simply posted this to get opinions on what everyone think that means for a show or potential content coming.


Jul 12, 2020
Sorry if this has been brought up, but in my forum searches it doesn't yield any substantial results.
Does anyone have any hints about there being public auditions for HHN scare actors at all this year? I know NOTHING this year has been conventional, but it does seem like it's getting very late to draft new bodies for an event that's supposed to start in early September, even using video submissions.
I know internal auditions have come & gone, but I am still hopeful for public auditions as my work schedule may actually make it possible for me to participate this year. Although I find it completely possible that they've filled all the roles internally, considering the amount of local theme park workers who still haven't gone back to their regular jobs yet. In which case, no public auditions needed.
Curious if anyone closer to sources has any clue. Thanks!
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Aug 15, 2015
Sorry if this has been answered but what soundstage are being used for what houses? (Or if someone can link the page number) Thank you!
23 and 24 are being used for some combo of UM - The Brides, Tooth Fairy (Likely in 24), Icons, and Texas Chainsaw.
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