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Halloween Horror Nights 32 (UOR) - Merchandise

Honestly, if you're willing to do a little coordination, I'm sure you could easily find a passholder on here who will be there the same day as you and can help facilitate a purchase.
Shhhhh. That is the kind of thing universal looks for on here :lmao: :lmao:
Honestly, the banner and year at the top of the graphic pulls the eye pretty drastically. If those were smaller (or integrated under the “Dueling Dragons” at the bottom of the design, the shirt would look much better.
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Anyone heard what the deal is with Screamers?
I saw mention that they weren't available to TMs this morning, and then one of the design leads mentioned "machines" in conjunction with them?
Universal apparently created and published an E.C.-style comic book (!) specifically for the event, tying into stuff in the Tribute Store.

That's going way above and beyond, and though I don't hold out hope for that appearing in the online store, I'd love to snag one if it does (being a recovering comic book collector).
I’m happy when they design shirts that don’t make me look like a (bigger) dork
I *think* there's a better, less garish looking shirt. I saw someone wearing one at TM Preview that looked pretty decent, although maybe that's a TM exclusive shirt? I didn't look at merch much so I can't tell you for sure.
Ik I’m being annoying with this, but are the Chucky and Stranger Things lanyards coming to Orlando? It’s weird that they haven’t shown up