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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Speculation & Rumors

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The originals are almost always the best houses, so none of this matters much. Still, GB (especially GB2) is a very appealing anchor to me.

Not getting NoES is a shame - it’s a classic that would translate well and would move merch - but it’s certainly not a dealbreaker. I hope TCM isn’t the replacement - it’s been done recently and is the least fun of the classic slashers - but I suspect Uni would know they need to go in a different direction to keep it fresh. TCM2?

Now, Twilight would be fantastic. It’s a terrible franchise, but unlike Freddy’s it’s very funny rather than simply dull and uninspired. Not gonna happen, of course.
I will say that the only way I would even remotely open to the possibility of TCM returning is if they base it off the second movie with Dennis Hopper. I love that movie.

If not, then please don't bother.
I like Blood Brothers well enough but it was just too close to the classic Leatherface mazes. Chop Top's room was cool but otherwise, it was the same house, same red wall with skulls, same head hit...

They should go nuts with TCM. Leatherface in Woodstock. Leatherface in Vietnam. Lean into the 70s of it all.
“So and so said xyz on discord” is the reason the NoES rumor went up in flames in the eyes of some? Lol - am I missing something?

On a separate note, why would they need to close F&F this year? Think it has implications for the house, or just queueing logistics / convenient timing to do a refurb?
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Don’t tease me. I’d be insufferable.

Off topic, but is The Weeknd still popular?
Still is—even if we both have something to agree with that the tv shows that feature what we like on Max are garbage.
No TCM please. I have to put my foot down.
Honestly as someone who was rattled by 2012s house in Hollywood; i would love to see it get the Hollywood treatment for our version. Hell could’ve sworn we nearly did, had not of CoVID.
It’s always… annoying… to me how fans get so displeased about the potential for an IP coming twice in the span of 5 to 10 years, while pleading for originals to come back the following year.

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The best part about Korea is I can make a statement right before I go to bed and, because time zones, you guys are waking up to it. So I just get to wake up to the ruins.
And I mean, in regards to Insidious.. it's been 9 years. I never even did the 2015 house lol

Ghostbusters: I'm intrigued to see how they would redo it and what they may do differently.

A Quiet Place: incredibly intriguing concept for a house.

TCM seems to have popped up completely out of nowhere, so uh.. I'm not putting much stock in that yet.
My first year was 2016, so I didnt see the last Insidious house. But, there have been two new Insidious movies since then. I personally love the franchise, so even if it is a repeat IP, there's some new material to reference since 2015 for the guests who saw the original.

I didn't go in 2019 either due to having a fresh newborn at home. So, again, another repeat IP with Ghostbusters that I didn't see the first time lol and again, there have been two movies that can be referenced for new material since that house.

I DID see the last TCM house. Its not my favorite horror franchise, but I'm sure creative will still turn out something enjoyable at the leaset. Although like OP said, this rumor came out of nowhere so I'm gonna take that one with many grains of salt.