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Halloween Horror Nights on a budget questions

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando' started by tstidm5, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. tstidm5

    tstidm5 Newcomer

    Nov 19, 2018
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    I am a veteran Universal parks fan (three trips), but haven't been since 2015. I would like to do Halloween Horror Nights 2019 (September second or third weekend) on a $800-1000 budget (including travel, hotel and flight from DC area) for three or four nights and am a single person. Which of these things would be the priorities in planning a trip and Why:

    -On Site versus Off site. (With the new Endless Summer resort, rates are comparable. Not sure whether I should choose a Cabana Bay or Adventura instead).
    -IS HHN Express worth it or not? (Is Express Pass worth it for a single person is what I'm trying to figure out?)
    -Having a daytime ticket or not having one. (Know Stay and scream saves time, but have never done Seaworld and want to try it).
    -One night at HHN or multiple nights (Tickets per night are cheaper the more you go, but I am not sure whether I would enjoy more than one night. Haunts are hit or miss for me.)
    -Daytime activities for those who don't have Daytime ticket.

    I like to find out folks thoughts because I am doing Horror nights alone (most likely) and want to maximize time and not blow the budget on things I may not enjoy.
  2. Brian G.

    Brian G. Staff Member Administrator

    Jan 21, 2008
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    Orlando, FL
    Hey there,

    First off - it's tough to give 100% proper advice at this time because we're still not sure what will be the dates for this year. Just wanted to clarify that first.

    After last year, Express is definitely worth it. However, since you're visiting over 3-4 nights and are open to multiple nights - you can avoid doing Express to save money. As long as you're OK with the chance you won't do every house each night and waiting 45-60 min for a few houses, you can save money by skipping Express. So basically, your choices are 1-visit, with Express, or a Multi-Night Pass without it.

    You can get a lot done if you do get a Stay and Scream, and will help alleviate the burden if you choose to go without Express, and the combo ticket can save some money as well. If your main purpose is to do all Horrah, I'd say go for it over SeaWorld.

    On-site vs Off-site is totally your call if the goal is to save money. Aventura is ideal for budgetary reasons, but it's no Cabana Bay. Still, on-site staying offers free transportation and a dedicated HHN entrance. I'd do a comparison of off-site (with Uber/Taxi and off-site hotel fees) vs on-site and make your decision on that.

    For other activities, non-park related, if you are staying on-site, you are allowed to Resort hop to enjoy their amenities and pools. Of course, there's always walking around CityWalk to watch a movie, have a drink, or play mini-golf.
  3. truejonas

    truejonas Rookie

    Mar 22, 2018
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    Pretty much everything is subjective, but I'm happy to pass along what I plan to do myself for 2019!

    Onsite vs offsite: I am planning on Endless Summer for next year (possibly doing Sapphire Falls instead if we have the money, though). We stayed in Aventura this last time, and it was nice; had to change rooms twice due to the showers leaking, though. Aventura is nice and close enough to walk in if you so choose, or take the bus/water taxi. Cabana Bay is similar, but walking in is a little more tricky due to needing to cross the road.

    HHN Express: From this year's experience, Express is a beautiful thing. We only got through 4 or 5 houses when we went to HHN 27 and went through the standby lines; we went to HHN 28 on opening night and managed to make it through every house with Express. I think the longest we ended up waiting was for Stranger Things (no surprise), but just about everything was under a half hour of waiting. To us, it was worth it. (You could also do the RIP Tour, I've heard many good things about it but it is also hecka more expensive.)

    Daytime ticket: Highly suggested. I have gone once as a daytime guest and once as an annual passholder - Stay and Scream's extra time really does help. HHN 27 was my first year, and thanks to Stay and Scream, we got through The Shining and American Horror Story before the crowds even hit the park.

    One or multiple nights: I would say this depends on you. If you go earlier in the season and can get the Rush of Fear pass, then multiple makes a ton of sense (the base Rush of Fear is usually just a little more expensive than a single day ticket). I would say if you do multiple nights, hold off on an Express pass and just stagger your houses through the nights, or do Express for the first night and use the rest of your nights to enjoy the houses you want to go through again.

    Other daytime activities: This is highly up to what you like to do. If you're staying at a hotel with a pool, you could always go pool side. I hear a lot of great things about the Fun Spot, which is right in that area and pretty cheap, if you like coasters/amusement parks. I've always loved Gator Land myself - kind of hokey, but not super expensive. There is obviously SeaWorld, as you already mentioned, and Disney down the road.
    I went to SeaWorld back in May, and I will say that it is not what it used to be regarding animals, but if you are a coaster lover, it has some good selections. If you do go, make sure to check out the dolphin show - of the shows they have, it is by far the most fun to watch. (Shamu used to be just as impressive, but Tilikum/Blackfish ruined that.)
    Otherwise, do a Google search for attractions and see if you find anything you like! Orlando has a lot of options that I've never been to (being out of state, I want to spend all my time in the theme parks).

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