Help with research please?!


May 11, 2013
Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if you could help me out with part of my master's degree dissertation research? My aim is to find out whether special events at theme parks have an effect on attendance and I'm looking for some theme park aficionados (that's you guys!) to answer a few quick questions based on your theme park experiences. The questionnaire is completely anonymous and you can opt out at any time. You'd be helping me out so much if you participate

Here's the link:

Thanks a million in advance and if you have any questions let me know!


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Sep 2, 2009
The Forbidden Forest
Done, but I just wanted to say for question 7, there's no option to mark if you're just interested in the event or theme. That's mostly my reason for attending, or if friends are going, not really any of the others :shrug:


Jun 30, 2012
I got about half way through and then stopped, most of your answers seemed to be related to either "family" or "business/work" with no middle ground or other options.