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HHN '17 - Insidious: Beyond the Further

MacMillian Crew

Veteran Member
Jul 16, 2016
Anybody catch that the website revealed the title of ch. 4? Insidious: The Last Key
Kinda woulda preferred just Insidious ch. 4

Not surprised with this announcement though, while it's not high on my anticipated list, I'm sure it's gonna deliver because Return to the Further was one hell of a maze
That's an ..... interesting title... But I agree, I feel people are gonna be really surprised with the intensity and atmospheres of this maze. Not to mention, based on what I can kinda see by the new Insidious demon (Key Fingers), it looks pretty freaky!


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Jun 28, 2017
me when i expected blumhouse but got this i don't mind the franchise it's just since we don't know what 4 is it may be good and it may be bad
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Dec 10, 2016
Studio City, CA
There are TWO figures in the facade. There is one in the far left bottom window and another one in the top window. They look like two sheet ghosts.