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HHN 23: Favorite House

What was you favorite house this year?

  • Havoc: Derailed

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  • Resident Evil: Escape From Raccoon City

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Contributing Member
Jan 11, 2012
1) Cabin in the Woods
2) Evil Dead
3) American Werewolflf in London
4) Resident Evil
5) La Llorona
6) The Walking Dead
7) Havoc
8) After Life


Nov 24, 2013
Sadly I was only able to get to about 4 or 5 houses if I'm not mistaken.

Cabin in the Woods was by far my favorite house of the night with The Walking Dead being my least favorite. La Llorona was surprisingly excellent making it my second favorite of the night only leaving Havoc left. It's hard choosing which sucked more, Havoc or TWD. I chose the Walking Dead because this was supposed to be the best house of event. It sucked, point blank. I'll preclude by saying I really, really hope they don't do TWD a third year in a row. :mean:


Veteran Member
Sep 20, 2009
Isla Nublar
Obviously, Werewolf and Cabin were the best. They were just the best.

I wasn't a big fan of Evil Dead though. I saw the movie, and the house was well-designed with really great detailing, but the scares just weren't there for me.

However, I was a huge fan of the La Llorona house. I never saw the Hollywood house before, so I didn't compare it, but I thought it was fantastic. The facade and narration outside were wonderfully creepy, the linear storytelling was fantastic, the river scene was so unsettling, and the underwater portion was so good. Plus, La Llorona gave me the best scare of the event. I looked right at it...I could have sworn it was one of the actual statues.