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HHN 23: When are You Going?


aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
Please post the dates you plan on attending this years Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 23.


The_BledCentral Park

Special Tickets:

Ticket TypeMembers Attending
Frequent Fear Passcaptainjack, Codeblak
Frequent Fear Pass w/Express
Frequent Fear Pass PlusTbad556, SGT623, Drew, ThemeParks4Life, BriMan, Cecilia, Kevin38, Felipe, rooney08josh, jarmor
Frequent Fear Pass Plus w/ExpressAd0niS8
Rush of FearJungleSkip, ReelJustice, Jimpossible87, Cupcakes, Hockeyman55, Fallow, Mad Dog, hildyp0824
Rush of Fear w/ExpressOctobers Fade, graspthesun, Shucker, roodlesnouter, Marquibiri, jh32488, Brownie54
Team Member IDJokerMan0925
Unmasking the Horror TourOctobers Fade (10/3), tiredoldspook (10/3), graspthesun (10/3), SGT623 (9/21), IOA Explorer (10/3), Brownie54 (9/27), romo (9/21)

Regular Dates:

DatesMembers Attending
TM Preview (9/18)Jakemeister, maxairmike, SGT623, jarmor, JokerMan0925
9/20Jakemeister, Tbad556, BriMan, Swimfam, Cecilia, Skipper Justin, Cupcakes, Hockeyman55, Felipe, hatetofly, captainjack, Ad0niS8, SGT623, jarmor, JokerMan0925, Cheezbat, IzzyB, hildyp0824, Codeblak
9/21Jakemeister, BriMan, Cecilia, Vyrus, Skipper Justin, Hockeyman55, Cupcakes, Felipe, Ad0niS8, SGT623, USO92, jarmor, doc brown, JokerMan0925, romo, Codeblak
9/26Tbad556, roodlesnouter, ReelJustice, BriMan, Uncle_Darren, wdwparksfan, Mad Dog, Frank Drackman, Brownie54, traveller, Codeblak
9/27JungleSkip, roodlesnouter, ReelJustice, ThemeParks4Life, BriMan, Uncle_Darren, Roll N Fear, wdwparksfan, Cupcakes, Shucker, Frank Drackman, Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925, Felipe, Brownie54, traveller, hildyp0824
9/28roodlesnouter, ReelJustice, USO92, Uncle_Darren, wdwparksfan, Cupcakes, Shucker, JokerMan0925, Brownie54, traveller, Mad Dog, hildyp0824
9/29JungleSkip, roodlesnouter, ReelJustice, wdwparksfan, Cupcakes, Shucker, Brownie54, traveller, Mad Dog, Codeblak
10/3roodlesnouter, tiredoldspook, graspthesun, Octobers Fade, Jimpossible87, bobo5162, IOA Explorer, Mad Dog, Codeblak
10/4SotoSaki, roodlesnouter, graspthesun, Octobers Fade, Jimpossible87, Victoria, Cupcakes, Fallow, Ad0niS8, IOA Explorer, Marquibiri, JokerMan0925, hildyp0824, Hockeyman55
10/5SotoSaki, roodlesnouter, Octobers Fade, Jimpossible87, Cupcakes, Fallow, IOA Explorer, Marquibiri, JokerMan0925, hildyp0824, Hockeyman55
10/6SotoSaki, roodlesnouter, Jimpossible87, Cupcakes, Fallow, IOA Explorer, graspthesun, Marquibiri, Codeblak
10/10Shadow Carelli, Codeblak
10/11Tbad556, rooney08josh, Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925
10/12Cupcakes, JokerMan0925
10/13Norman Bates, Victoria, rooney08josh, jarmor, Codeblak
10/16Kevin38, rooney08josh, Codeblak
10/17Kevin38, rooney08josh, Codeblak
10/18Kevin38, rooney08josh, Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925
10/19Kevin38, JokerMan0925
10/20RCT3kid75, Codeblak
10/23jarmor, Codeblak
10/25Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925
10/27Drew, Thor, Codeblak
10/31Drew, jarmor, Codeblak
11/1Tbad556, Drew, Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925
11/2Ad0niS8, JokerMan0925

Color Codes

- With Express Pass


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2012
Sept 21,26,27,28,29

Oct 3,4,5,6

These are the dates I can attend

Oct 10 flying home


Premium Member
Jul 11, 2012
Miramar, FL
Currently planning for October 4th - 6th for sure, but it's kind of up in the air based on money available and car situation if we go for a FF instead of RoF and drive up on weekends throughout the event instead.


Veteran Member
Aug 17, 2009
My only for sure date at the moment is September 20th. I'll definitely be getting some type of FFP, but I haven't decided which.


Jan 4, 2012
I'll be grabbing my FF+ soon, as is tradition, and will attempt to make most of those dates. Most likely will be found spending time in Finns or Simpson bars when not in a house or at B&T.


aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
Definite Date: Sep 20-21, Sep 26, 29

Going FFP as well just not sure of which yet!


Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2012
Oh well, I think I will be OK without anyhow, I have enough dates I can go and they are all early in the season.