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HHN 25: Most Anticipated House

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Which House are you most looking forward to?

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9. The Purge
8. TWD
7. Asylum in Wonderland
6. Insidious
5. Run
3. FVJ
2. Jack Presents
1. Body Collectors
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1. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem
2. An American Werewolf in London
3. Freddy Vs. Jason
4. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears
5. Body Collectors: Recollections
6. The Purge
7. Asylum in Wonderland 3D
8. Insidious
9. The Walking Dead - The Living Dead
1. Body Collectors: Recollections
2. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem
3. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears
4. Freddy Vs. Jason
5. Asylum in Wonderland 3D
6. The Purge
7. Insidious
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. The Walking Dead - The Living Dead

AWIL is 8 because it's a repeat, but I'm still HYPE.
1. Body Collectors: Recollections - I keep hearing over and over that this house is A&D's favorite, so if the creators themselves are hyped for this house, I see no reason why we shouldn't be hyped for this too. Not to mention both the Body Collectors and Psychoscarepy franchises have been pretty solid, and thanks to Winter's Night I'm all for a cold/winter house as well.

2. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - What's this? A 3D house up high in anticipation?! There's multiple reasons for this, I love twisted fairy tales/literature so Alice in Wonderland is right up my alley. Also, Alice in Wonderland is a perfect theme for a 3D house. There's wonderful potential for trippy imagery and if they incorperate the blacklight strobe effect a la' Dead Exposure for the Chesire Cat? HOLY SH!T. Finally, I have very fond memories back when Knott's Scary Farm did their own take called "Malice in Wunderland", so I'm getting a nice dose of nostaliga here for a 3D Alice.

3. Insidious - Man, I feel like my list is going to be quite different then others here. XD While the Insidious saga is a bit hit or miss for me, I fully acknowledge that this IP is truly made to be a house. Hollywood did a fantastic job with it years ago, and with this being in a sprung tent I feel Orlando can knock this out of the park. An' I'll call it right here that this is the Dark Horse IP for this year.

*4 & 5 are really close together, I'm constantly flip flopping the two back and forth for one reason or another.*

4. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears - I want to have this higher up on the list, but since it probably won't have the maze/ever changing maze elements which made RUN infamous, I unfortunately can't. However, with this being held in Hellgate Prison, this does have a chance of being a really intense, chaotic house.

5. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - Like with RUN, I want to have it higher up on the list. But for me Anniversary houses have always fallen under "Great idea on paper, not so great in excecution". Case in point, the Hallow'd Past from HHN 20. It was less a look through the years and more of a "Wasn't 08' great?" house.

Now there is potential for M&M with it being TWD Mega house sized, so hopefully that'll be enough space to have a great representation throughout the years an'-

Forsaken, Nightingales and HR Bloodengutz confirmed for this house

Ok, we've gone from "Wasn't 08' Great?" to "2011 was Heaven". (I won't lie, 2011 did have kick ass houses and characters (Bloodengutz for PREZ). Hopefully we have plenty of houses from other years to avoid the same pitfall Hallow'd Past fell into.)

6. Freddy vs Jason - I'm definitely happy they're were able to get this IP, especially knowing they wanted to do a scare zone back in 07' with them but ran into IP/contract issues with the characters unable to be seen together. Should definitely be a fun house.

7. An American Werewolf in London - This is another house I want higher on my list, after all this is one of my personal favorite films and Orlando knocked it out of the park. Because of that, this version and cast has some big shoes to fill. But other then that, I'm really happy it's returning. I gotta' wash out the bad taste of Hollywood's version and this'll help.

8. The Purge - It's gonna' be intruiging to see how this turns out due to the whole Scream debacle, this is a IP that could work as a house so it could turn out decent.

9. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead - It's the IP that just won't die, but I'm interested in seeing how they pull off the flooded store so there's that.
1. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem
2. Body Collectors: Recollections
3. RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears
4. Asylum in Wonderland 3D
5. Insidious
6. The Purge
7. Freddy vs. Jason
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. The Walking Dead - The Living Dead
1. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem
2. Freddy Vs. Jason
3. Body Collectors: Recollections
4. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears
5. Asylum in Wonderland 3D
6. Insidious
7. The Purge
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. The Walking Dead - The Living Dead

The ones I'm truly excited for are Jack's and Freddy vs. Jason, the rest I'm about equally interested in, with exception of The Walking Dead which is dead last.
1. Monsters and Mayhem: 3 of my favorite houses are represented (Gothic, Bloodengutz, Nightingales) and the size of the house will be fantastic. I'm confident that this is going to be a lot of fun.
2. Body Collectors: Recollections: Love the origin story setting, and mixing 2 classic properties with the atmosphere of a great house like Winter's Night could be a powerful combination.
3. RUN: Great concept, excited to take my first trip through Hellgate Prison, and hoping for a cool queue video.
4. Asylum in Wonderland: Ultra Violent Comics? A shoutout to my beloved In-Between? That alone has me excited.
5. Freddy versus Jason: Two icons of horror. I'm very excited to see how they pull this one off.
6. AWIL/Purge: AWIL I know is fantastic. Purge also has a lot of promise.
7: Insidious: I think the movies are decent, and this could surprise me.
8: TWD: Meh.
1. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears
2. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem
3. Asylum in Wonderland 3D
4. Body Collectors: Recollections
5. Freddy Vs. Jason
6. The Purge
7. Insidious
8. The Walking Dead - The Living Dead
9. An American Werewolf in London
This will be my first HHN, so that is influencing my list a bit.

1. Freddy vs. Jason
- There's so many great scenes from both franchises. They can really pick and choose what works best with the space they have and hopefully create something really fun.
2.An American Werewolf in London - Never got to see the first one so I'm really happy this is coming back.
3. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - Since I've never been to HHN before this house will be a great chance to check out some scenes from houses I've only seen on youtube.
4. The Purge - I know it's a last minute replacement, but I just watched the second movie and I really enjoyed it.
5. Insidious - I liked the first two (haven't seen the third yet) and it will be fun to walk through the movies.
6. Body Collectors: Recollections - Other than M&M this sounds the most intriguing of the original houses. TBH I don't know much about either series but it sounds like a good mashup and I'm sure the ac will be nice.
7. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - This just sounds fun and like it was the perfect choice for a 3D house.
8. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears - I don't know much about either RUN or Hellgate Prison.
9. The Walking Dead - I've never seen this show.
This will be my 15th consecutive year going to Halloween Horror Nights and I can honestly say its the most excited I've ever been for the event. With that being said here is my most anticipated list for HHN 25!!

1. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - What can I say.. I mean knowing were getting an actual anniversary house is already awesome.. Finding out Bloodengutz is in it and it will be the largest house ever... Giggity!
2. Freddy vs. Jason - I feel like this house will be what we all wanted AvP to be, scary and awesome
3. Body Collectors: Recollections - I've been lucky enough to see every BC house or scene from previous years. They deserve to be at the 25th Anniversary. Gore cranked to 12 this year I hope
4. RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears - Hellgate was one of the most realistic houses and casts ever assembled. Crossing it with Run in any way jumps it up the list.
5. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - The scare zone was amazing, combine those characters with a house we all win!
6. Insidious - My prediction as Dark Horse House this year..
7. An American Werewolf in London - This was one of the greatest houses ever created, so happy its back
8. The Purge - I feel like the close quarters of it being in a tent could be its biggest asset
9. The Walking Dead - I want it to be awesome and it will be if there is CURRRLLLL call inside :thumbsup:
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Hmm that'd odd. I made this exact thread last night before bed. I guess it got deleted and remade... :saywhat:

Not exactly the 25th Anniversary House Line-up I was expecting but there could be some gems out of the bunch. This is the first year I can remember I'm more excited for the scarezones, and I'm a house guy.

1. Body Collectors: Recollections - Something original. Two of my favorite houses in one. I'm stoked.
2. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - This is going to be epic! Making this the 8min long house this year is perfect. I'm hoping this is better than Hallow'd Past. Excited to see what classic moments pop up.
3. Insidious - This is going to be a classic haunt. Big fan of the original. Enjoyed 2. I've been waiting for this to pop up as a house.
4. Run: Blood, Sweat and Fears - I've heard the original was classic. The sequel was mediocre. Seems like a cool concept. Lets hope A&D can bring it home.
5. Freddy vs. Jason - The line for this sucker will never be less than 45min. I'm hoping it's good but I'm not jumping for joy either. Let's hope for more of a VS concept as appose to Freddy and Jason scare some people.
6. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - This could either be a great throw back to 2008 (one of the best years in history) or could be a cliche garage haunt status.
7. An American Werewolf in London - Easily in top 5 houses of all time. I'm happy my friends who haven't experienced it yet will get to. Not disappointed it's back but still too soon. This could kill the magic of it.
8. The Purge and The Walking Dead: The Living and the Holy Bad Titles! - I could really give a rats ass about either of these houses. I'll most likely only get one run through each because f marketing.
1.) Run: Blood Sweat and Fears - Blasphemy that I don't put Body Collectors at one but I just have a really good feeling about this house.
2.) Body Collectors: Recollections - Really interested to see this happen for this.
3.) Freddy Vs. Jason - The potential for what they could do with this is really great and it allows them to play more into the fighting.
4.) Monsters and Mayhem - Its going to be a tribute house; and that is what makes me excited for those who didn't come to HHN in its full prime.
5.) Insidious - The scares alone make this a really interesting possibility for a house to do extremely well.
6.) American Werewolf - AWIL for a lot of people (I hate that I never got to see all three iterations) but this will be really interesting.
7.) The Purge - Better than Scream to me and it works out very well. Can't wait to hear the reactions.
8.) The Walking Dead and whatever its called now - It makes money. Brings in people; don't brake it, and don't fix it.
9.) Asylum in Wonderland 3D - I just really don't like the possibilities for this house. If it was a full on Scarytales, then i'd be placing it ahead of TWD but it just doesn't fit for me.
1. Insidious - The highest thing I've seen said about Insidious is "dark horse IP". I don't know. I love the movies myself, I think they're great concepts, and have a whole lotta great scenes to use. It's already been proved to be good as a HHN house. It was Hollywood #1 in 2013, and that was minus scenes from the third movie. I was jealous we didn't get it then, and I'm enthusiastic we're getting it now. My most anticipated last year was AvP and that was a FLOP to me, I thought it was a good fan boy house, but not a good scare house, and that's what I like. This doesn't have puppets, or any high techish stuff, so I think this will be fine.
2. Body Collectors: Recollections - How blasphemous of me not to place this at the top. I LOVE this idea. A HHN Crossover has been at the top of houses I want to see, since some houses are so easy to mash together, like RUN and Hellgate, Asylum and In-Between, and in this case, PsychoScareapy and Body Collectors. This has been widely known as A&D's favorite this year, so there's no reason any one should not be anticipating it, if the people who are creating this are praising this house as the above and all. I think this will have great atmosFEAR with the blizzard. Body Collectors, I've heard really bring the scares. One of the most known locales in HHN history. It's the total package. I just have a bias for the house above it.
3. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - The "catchup" house, as I call it. I'm glad I'll finally be able to see some of the great houses people have been talking about, even if they are in a condensed form. I'm excited at what's been said to be coming so far. Sounds like they've chosen all great houses to use so far. Not much to say really. People have been worried this will be clustered with 2011, but that won't bother me, since I haven't seen those houses.
4. Freddy Vs. Jason - Was at 3 Pre-Reveal, but Monsters and Mayhem knocked it down. I love Freddy, I love Jason. I didn't get to see their original houses, Dreamwalkers / Camp Blood, so I'm happy to hear that both Jason and Freddy will get their own times to shine within the maze. I'm excited for the battling. AvP was a huge disappointment to me, was in my bottom 2 houses for many reasons, one being I never really saw the "Versus" of aVp. It sounds like they realized that mistake, so I'm glad. I'm hoping they choose some really good kills to use or we get some nice original kills, either one works.
5. Asylum In Wonderland 3D - Was in eighth place next to AWIL, and below the other three below it before the reveal. Afterlife was my first 3D house and it sucked IMO. It was too dark, and and story just was weird to me, I just didn't feel it needed to be 3D. This house appears to be the opposite, from what I can tell. This concept sounds like a more psychedelic one than dark one, and the story appears loud and clear, and the concept I feel is a perfect fit for 3D. Alice is already a weird psychedelic story, so to me it's PERFECT for a 3D house.
6. RUN: Blood, Sweat, and Fears - Stays about the same post reveal. Does get above it's original tie position with TWD and The Purge. Both the use of the original game show concept and Hellgate Prison increased my excitement by quite a bit. If my theory of the Reapers each having a different theme like The Running Man is correct, this house I think will have a lot of variety. Also, chainsaws, what's not to love?
7. The Purge - Was in top half, pre reveal. Similar to WD, originals pushed it down. Obviously, this house may look a bit choppy, since it's a last minute house. I think there will be some very cool scenes. I'm excited for the hunting arena. I wanted a Purge house last year, since I thought they had enough material. Would have liked that over FDTD. Glad they got to it. Hopefully this and Asylum are successful and bring some rise of SZ houses. I wouldn't mind a year of SZ houses, to be honest.
8. The Walking Dead: The Living and The Dead - Was higher originally, but the originals are even better this year than I was imagining. Still wasn't in the top half. I personally love Walking Dead, I had all the confidence in the world for the house last year, and I got a good house IMO. This year, I'm not so sure. Season 5 be not wealthy in house scenes, and those few scenes are few and far.
9. An American Werewolf In London - Same position as Pre-Reveal. I love it, I'm okay with it being back, but it's a repeat with tweaks. Walking Dead will at least have new scenes.
1. Freddy vs. Jason - I've been dying to see this because I missed the New Line year. I'm soooooo excited.
2. Insidious - I missed this one in Hollywood and really wanted to see it. I'm glad I'll get the chance.
3. Jack Presents: 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem - I'm excited to see HHN past from before 2013.
4. The Purge - I love the franchise and I'm excited to see it as a house.
5. Body Collectors: Recollections - I love what I'm hearing about past houses and can't wait to see what they do with this one.
6. Run: Blood, Sweat, and Fears - I'm worried that this is going to be a huge disappointment for the fans. I'm hoping it's a standout house and rises up above Havoc 2 in my mind.
7. Asylum in Wonderland 3D - I haven't seen a good 3D house at HHN in UOR. If it's like the ones at USH, it'll be nice.
8. The Walking Dead: The Living and the Dead - Yawn.
9. American Werewolf in London - Been there, done that, literally have the T-shirt.
From least to most, also excluding werewolf since I already know it's gonna be amazing, even though I haven't been through the houses this year it's still probably gonna destroy the majority of them. Can't wait to go in it again!!!

8.TWD- need I say more?
7. The purge- while I like the movies ok, this might just be a last minute thing thanks to scream. Hope not because it certainly has potential
6. Freddy vs Jason- not sure what to think about this one. Want a ton of fighting but apparently we are getting half and half then a fight. Not bad whatsoever, it's awesome to see these characters in the event again and who doesn't want to see these two fight in person? With the interchangeable ending I think this one will be one to remember
5. Monsters and mayhem- it's not number one?!?! Nah I have my reasons. This just seems like a case of been there done that in around 20 different ways. Reuse of not even old houses plus universal monster again. Will it be awesome? Most definitely especially with the size. Was just hoping for something more original, whatever it'll be great
4. Body collectors- never been through a body collectors nor a psychoscarapy house so it's gonna be a completely new experience for me and that alone makes me so friggin excited. What a perfect mash up, gonna complete a full story and according to aiello, will probably show jacks literal orgin. Very happy
3. Run- I adore this concept so much, finally it's getting the love it deserves. The colorful characters, crazy kills, possible cameo from Eddie it just sounds like a blast. Hope it's comedic and full of great moments
2. Insidious- the reviews for this one were insane, people saying it scared them to death, cheap seats giving it a 9/10 on the scare meter, it's pretty exciting. I'm a big fan of this francise and the potential this has to be truly terrifying is just crazy, can't wait to go through it
1. Alice- you've heard my spiel about this one multiple times. As an aspiring comic book artist the looks gonna be insane, the costumes shown look phenomenal and wonderland is the perfect setting for a 3D house. Love everything about this, hope it delivers

Anyways those are my thoughts, expect of a review later and see you all opening night!!!!
1.Jack Presents 25 Years of M&M
2.Body Collectors
3.Freddy vs Jason
5.American Werewolf
6.Wonderland 3D
9.Walking Dead 4.0
Least anticipated to Most anticipated, after Media Preview

9. American Werewolf- Default 9th place, its a repeat that i went through countless times
8.TWD- I have a feeling this house is gonna bomb, the sets are not interesting at all, a church a flooded basement and more woods????? No thanks.
7.Purge- Hopefully scary but i already know the sets are gonna be the worst, and yes i know its a last minute addition
6.Asylum in Wonderland- Im sure the scares and maybe the laughs are gonna be there, but i got a feeling the sets are gonna be lacking.
5.FvJ- Media Preview revealed the format of the house and the last third VS part of the house has me exited but not enough to put it over the next 4.
4.Body Collectors- Originally my most anticipated, its the house i have not seen anything off apart from the costumes, i have a feeling there will be epic chilling scenes in this house, similar to winter's night and gothic.
3.Monsters and Mayhem- The fact that jack will appear throughout the house gives me the feeling that this will be a convoluted mess with not continuity and rooms changing from trenches to tilted ships.... AND I LOVE IT, i feel this is what an anniversary house should be, a crazy best of, all star, showcase all under the big top.
2.Run- Hear me out, it is looking more and more that the reapers are ALL based on different countries, and as a geography and culture lover this house is a dream come through, but not only that, every room will be varied and different, and it will all be in a prison setting and with the crazy game show happening. Queue video on the level of past disaster houses videos added and you got a classic in the making.
1.Insidious- i've avoided most of the pictures of this house, i simply feel that in the small space of the tent this house could be terrifying and the sets are ,in theory, going to be the most surreal and ghostly environment of any house this year.
It's interesting to see this poll from a different set of people. I guess this could explain why Walking Dead keeps coming back.

I'm so excited to finally attend a HHN after years and years of following, and nearly going multiple times.
So I'll just jump right in..

9. Walking Dead- I'm excited to finally do a Zombie haunt. But as a follower of HHN I was hoping there'd be a better IP or another original.

8. The Purge- Only because of the last second change. I actually feel like this is an interesting property, and well suited to be a Maze.

---Everything else is very close tie----

7. Freddy Vs. Jason- I am not a fan of the movie, I think it was full of crappy unnecessary cgi scenes, and didn't feel like it hit the tone either of the series leading up to it established, trying to be cool for a younger audience. However.. I am excited to get to see these two horror Icons go at it, and to get to see their worlds up close. Freddy really did used to scare me, and to be in his boiler room is a nightmare come true ;)

6. Asylum in Wonderland- Super excited to see a Universal level 3-D haunt. And what better character than the original psychedelic queen, Alice. Hoping its disorienting and zany!

5. Body Collectors- After hearing about the last BC maze, and being pretty terrified of the gentlemen in general, I can't wait to see not only them..but Shadybrook asylum!! I feel like as a fan boy from afar this year is a great time to start going so I can catch up on the HHN past.

4. Run- Again an OG haunt brought back and Frankensteined together with another classic. The concept alone has me very interested. I wonder how they'll convey the idea of a TV show.. will there be like cameras pointed at us?

3. Insidious- One thing I love most about halloween is the feeling it brings. And while the other houses are cool, something about a classic haunted house story really sounds appealing. especially one with such horrifying characters!

2. Jack Presents: Monsters and Mayhem- Again, as a fan from afar I am so stoked to finally go and get a taste of the past. A lot of the houses represented are houses I remember being sorely disappointed in missing out on. And I think they've made Jack such a cool character this year that having him tie it together is icing on the cake!

1. American Werewolf in London- So this one was hard to place at 1 for me.. but not because I'm not interested...more like dreading it. At a young age, I picked up a Stephen King picture book called Cycle of the Werewolf. They made a movie about it called Silver Bullet (it doesn't really hold up) But this book introduced me to what have become the most horrifying thing in the world to me.. werewolves. It's so irrational I know, but there it is. I realize haunted houses are supposed to be scary, but the fear i have of these creatures is primal. And while I can get startled by the red faced demon in insidious and then giggle about how fun it was...werewolves can reduce me to the fetal position. I actually laid in bed thinking maybe I don't want to go to HHN, because of this house.
So I feel it is appropriate as my number 1 because it is literally my greatest fear (and one of my favorite movies, go figure) handed to me on a silver plate.