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HHN 26: When are You Going?

Discussion in 'Halloween Horror Nights 26' started by Brian G., Aug 10, 2016.

  1. kingcooger

    kingcooger Member

    Feb 7, 2014
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    It is the regular Universal Orlando app. You have to select the HHN option from the menu then, once on the HHN page, click the map icon in the top right corner. After that, you have to zoom in on the resort and click on each individual house you want to see the wait time for (I have never seen a posted wait for AHS, though).

    If anyone knows a simpler way, please do tell as this seems needlessly complicated compared to last year where we had a list that showed all the houses' wait times.

    I have no idea how accurate the waits they have posted are as last night seemed rather light for crowds if the app was correct. Who was in the park last night that can tell me how on point the times were?
  2. WAJAS98

    WAJAS98 Veteran Member

    Aug 15, 2014
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    The waits on the app seem to be updated less often as the ones in-park, but they are just as accurate as the in-park ones, which are not especially accurate.

    The old way just added icons to the standard map. With the map now being completely redone for HHN they have to have a separate way to get to it.
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  3. Joel

    Joel Premium Member

    Apr 14, 2016
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    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    I'm so excited for this Friday when I'm bringing my little brother to HHN for his birthday. On top of the excitement of HHN, my brother works in private aviation and his boss is allowing us to use his jet to get to, & from Orlando this weekend for his birthday!! Easy way to turn a 3.5 hour drive to a 30 minute flight. See you all this weekend!
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  4. orlandorocks

    orlandorocks Newcomer

    Jan 31, 2010
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    Hey guys, this is Russ from the temporary shut down OrlandoRocks.com. I have a frequent fear pass with express on it. My wife already went and is unable to make it out again. so anybody that has a express pass. I will be there most nights excluding Saturdays. so if anyone wants to meet up give me a shout!

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