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HHN 29: Most Anticipated Scare Zone

Most Anticipated Scarezone?

  • Zombieland - Double Tap

    Votes: 12 23.5%
  • Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe

    Votes: 6 11.8%
  • Anarch-cade

    Votes: 11 21.6%
  • Vanity Ball

    Votes: 8 15.7%
  • Vikings Undead

    Votes: 14 27.5%

  • Total voters


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Aug 15, 2015
Since hhnlover created the house thread, I figured I'd pop up the Scarezone thread.

Post your most anticipated scarezone (as well as your full scarezone hype lists) here.


May 8, 2019
  1. Rob Zombie - LOVE his music, music videos, and live shows. Don't care for his movies. So am super excited for this zone. Zones blasting hard rock / metal are always my favorite as they give the zone a personality that scaractors and set pieces alone can't.
  2. Zombieland - One of my favorite movies ever and can't wait to see it. The show portion is looking amazing.
  3. Anarch-cade - Have high hopes for this zone. If it has an 80s arcade feel with black clad actors with neon highlights for the black lights that sounds awesome. More than any other zone, this comes down to execution. I thought the stupid black gates zone sounded great on paper, but was the lamest zone I've ever been through. I'm hoping for a camo scare - a person with highlights that when they stand still/turn around/squat down look like something else so they're hard to see and give you great boo scares.
  4. Vikings - This sounds like a typical cool scarezone taking something new and putting a super natural spin on it. Right in HHN's wheelhouse, just doesn't stand out much to me yet.
  5. Vanity Ball - Yaaaaaawn. This does nothing for me...unless it has cool mini-shows. It just sounds like grotesque plastic surgery victims walking around saying either, "Help me!!!" or "Aren't I beautiful?" depending on which theme (victim/freak) they decide to go with. Though I expect to be, by far, the most violent/gory zone at the event so that's a plus.


Jul 1, 2010
1) Vikings Undead: 13th Warrior a guilty pleasure favorite of mine (as is Eaters of the Dead, the Crichton book it’s based on), so already sold. Hoping for a new twist on familiar tropes.

2) Anarch-Ade: Cool concept, should give the creatives a lot of room to play. Only worry is the space—not sure any zone has worked on that street since Path of the Wicked. Just too busy.

3) Vanity Scare: not sold on the concept, but some clever make-up designs and a couple fun mini-shows might win me over. Will ultimately live or die based on its cast—could be a sleeper ZotY.

4) Zombieland: not a fan of the movie, but I expect they give this the Trick r Treat treatment, so if you are a fan, should be a lot of fun. Looks like cool set pieces if you can see it opening weekend.

5) Hellbilly Deluxe: same thoughts as HoTC.

6) AoV: yawn.
Aug 1, 2018
1) Anarch-ade: Great concept, taps (pun intended) into my youth and should look great when walking in at night. Like others have said, could they finally get it right in this location??

2) Vikings Undead: Being Scottish, I'm pretty much a viking :grin: but think that this is a refreshing change from a lantern filled Central Park and might be my true no.1 after the event.

3) Zombieland: Expecting it to be just plain fun!

4) Vanity Ball: Really hinges on a solid cast and some good mini-show. Hoping for some gore here.

5) Hellbilly Deluxe: Nope.

6) AOV: As @SeventyOne put...:deadhorse:
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Aug 15, 2015
5. Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe
As mentioned in my house list, I don't hate Rob Zombie, and yet don't love him either. So I'm not exactly the most thrilled that he gets to fill both a house and zone slot this year. If I had to choose one, I would have chosen House of 1000 Corpses any day. I really just have no exact clue what is going to be here. It's based off of that album, but how are they making these characters? Just taking them from the videos? Lyrical interpretation? Just a lot of questions I want answered. I am happy to see that San Fran gets to be an official location again, since I love the harbor view with props. I just hope they've learned a lesson or two and won't put something that juts through half the zone.

4. Vikings Undead
The "Vikings" part had me very excited, and honestly I would've love just a plain bloody Vikings zone. Crazy vikings invading and taking over, these big dudes with axes. It could've worked. The "Undead" is what's taking me out of it a bit. I just think making this a zombie twist wasn't the best idea especially since your headliner scarezone is, y'know, Zombieland. You know what you're getting with that IP, so I don't get why they wanted two zombie zones. I think it will look cool, but I just think the twist is unneeded.

3. Anarch-Cade
This is the fun zone of the year just based on concept. Arcade machines and neon slashers sounds really fun. This will live or die based on its' location. The Harvest did show they could still put good looking props in there and that Altars was a creative fluke of sorts. Just crossing my fingers here, and if I have to do that, then it's not my number 1.

2. Vanity Ball
This screams "Sleeper Hit" to me and I don't know why. This concept just is really working in my head. It's the ultimate combo of Face Off's makeup aspect with 7's degradation over time (I presume it's something like that), with a bit of the Maskerade stuff. The concept basically sounds like a horror version of the Face Off show to an extent.

1. Zombieland - Double Tap
Major bias here, Zombieland was one of my first "horror films" I got to see and I loved it. I am very excited for the sequel this year (that trailer...a bit worrying). The props already look like they're hitting the feel perfectly. I'm glad to see it's basically the amusement park from the first one because that makes the most sense.

I don't watch shows, so AoV gets a shrug from me.


May 24, 2018
6) AoV: yawn.
Lol. Not a SZ.

My hype list it:

1) Arnch-Cade- This is were the “Bad Zone” is but last year with Harvest I think they are going in a good direction with this zone. I also love slashers so a zone with 80 style neon slashers can’t be bad!
2) Vanity Ball- I liked the Chucky zone last year and I think this may be like it. Also “plastic surgery” can be scary if done right!
3) Zombieland: Double Tap- I enjoyed the movie but I feel this may turn out to be a classic zombie zone.
4)Vikings: Undead- Undead usually means Zombies
5) Rob Zombie: Hellbilly Deluxe- Not a fan of his and have really only seen HoTC from him. Music zones can’t be scary IMO.
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May 6, 2019
  1. Zombieland: Double Tap-- The zombies in the movie are gored up and athletic, the Carnival and destructed city will certainly be fun.
  2. Rob Zombie's Hellbilly Deluxe--FULL ON METAL, nonsensical creatures running around and hoping for a big stage to simulate a concert of some sorts. An appearance of Zombie and Spaulding would be appreciated.
  3. Vanity Ball--Gruesome (hopefully) 50's aesthetic Hollywood, its a perfect fit for a zone. Let's see how creative they get with the victims and how deranged those surgeons can be.
  4. Anarch-ade--Sounds like a blast, and if it has energetic music blaring, IP arcade cabinets and retro style slashers it would be a top-notch introductory zone.
  5. Vikings: Undead--Depends on how the Vikings look and how much they are willing to demonstrate their havoc, it is different from the zones accustomed to Central Park and I hope it succeeds.
Note: I'm excited for all the zones, but if I were to visit them by the order that's how I'll do them.

-Academy of Villains: Glad they are back, they are full of life and isn't a show that is filled with Pop-culture references that will be dated in the next months. *ahem Bill and Ted*
-Horror Marathon: The description makes it sound that it has other IPs that are not at the event, so we'll wait and see. Sounds life fun.


Jun 11, 2018
Horror Marathon: The description makes it sound that it has other IPs that are not at the event, so we'll wait and see. Sounds life fun.
"Grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready as the lagoon lights up with iconic scenes from Netflix’s Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Universal Monsters and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. This new show features a blend of fountain-based media, state-of-the-art technologies and special effects in a new way. This is one 80’s nightmare you won’t want to miss."

Just those 4 IPs is what I got out of the description...


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Aug 18, 2017
#5--Vanity Ball (sounds pretty forgettable...at least it'll be gory?)
#4--Hellbilly Deluxe (meh)
#3--Anarch-ade (sounds trippy I guess...hoping for an actual arcade game vibe)
#2--Zombieland: Double Tap (love the original movie)
#1--Vikings Undead (SOMETHING NEW THANK GOD)
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