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HHN 29: Stranger Things

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Honestly I don’t blame them for combining them. Season 2 didn’t leave a ton of room for unique scares on its own imo. I trust them to make both sides of the house solid.
Where does it say ST is Season 2 & 3? I only see an add on the promo video saying Seasons 1 & 2 Now Streaming, Season 3 July 4.
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Even though we knew this was coming, I’m still excited for it.

I do kinda wish they were just doing season 2, and saving 3 for next year, but I’m still looking forward to it nonetheless.
"Okay, mouthbreathers, get ready! Netflix’s Stranger Things is returning to Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights.

This year, you’ll experience an all-new haunted house where you will travel back to the small town of Hawkins, Indiana and walk-through some of the most terrifying scenes from Stranger Things 2 and 3.

Not only will you come face-to-face with snarling Demodogs, but you will also make your way through iconic scenes and locations, from Chief Hopper’s cabin to the Starcourt Mall.

And the best part? This new version of the Stranger Things haunted house is also coming to our sister park, Universal Studios Hollywood. The haunted houses on both coasts will parallel the hit show as it leaps forward to 1985. And to prepare for the scares, don’t forget to watch Netflix’s Stranger Things 3 on July 4, 2019."