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Journey to Atlantis

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Feb 1, 2008
Ok so we rode it this weekend and I have to say I don't really understand the story. I get that the mermaid is bad, but what does the creepy little seahorse have to do with anything? What does it all mean??? lol

Other than that I actually really enjoyed the ride. It was a lot better than I remembered it...probably because the first time I rode it I had my eyes shut through the whole thing, but that's beside the point.

I like the short coaster part with the Beetlejuice music playing. lol
The story line is vague but the pre-que video is rather funny. Ride it's self is great, my mom doesn't do Coasters and she likes Journey to Atlantis.
I love the queue video! It's a mime doing what you should do and not do on a coaster. It's hilarious.

I love the small aquarium in the gift shop, it's stunning.

The story is a little confusing, but the ride was my favorite thing at the park.
I love this ride but I also don't understand the plot. I love the Beetlejuice theme song, but it's really weird hearing it at SeaWorld AND Universal. :lol:
I recently rode it and tried to follow the story line but, whatever. I think it needs a little rehab though, it looks really run down from the last time I rode it, maybe 6 months ago or so.
The story is the seahorse is supposed to guide you through Atlantis and the supposedly friendly mermaid guides you through and the seahorse gets distracted and the mermaid is evil and brings you down the drop after that you think your free but she drags you up another chain lift and you speed through and find a way out shes like "OH NOOEEZZ" and you go down the coaster part and your free :happy:
The best thing I have learned to do one this ride is on the little hill after the big drop, if you get everyone in the boat to lean foward there is a wave that willl come over the front and SOAK the first is amazing payback!!!
ParkRumors has posted a "Look Back" of Journey to Atlantis, with concept scale model pics along with some other goodies!

^ That model brings to mind something that has always bothered me about the ride... why the open-to-all 360 end to the ride? No "atlantis" mystery. It is just a stupid ongoing horizontal run in front of the public... much like a water slide that ends in a lazy river experience. Even Splash Mountain hides people at the end often... you can see them from one vantage point and not the next. This has a dum-dee-dum look outside at the end splash that floats on forever in full view.
Well honestly I was "duped" the first time I rode it. I went down that big "finale" and thought well that was ok... then we went up the next lift hill, and it was a surprise to me.

While Atlantis is fun, it isn't anything to write home about.
I always thought that was a genius aspect of the ride. It is meant to be designed so people think it is the typical finale and then you have a twist ending.

As for the ride's story line. I really miss that aspect when it had one and was well maintained. The news vans and trucks outside the entrance. The queue video loop with the reporters talking about how parts of Atlantis had mysteriously risen and the Greek fisherman(who later gives you Hermes the Seahorse) who knew it was a bad idea to have boats going into the ruins because of the evil Allura. It was a great water ride/dark ride when it first opened. The ending was even worked into there as a twist. You will notice most of the time when the audio works on that portion you hear "Leaving so soon? I think not." in Allura's ghostly voice.