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Jurassic World VelociCoaster Construction Thread (Opening June 10)

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Universal will be watching the reactions to the Jurassic World redo with extreme scrutiny if they're considering bringing it to Orlando. They do not want a repeat of F&F, the writing was on the wall and they still went ahead.

Let's just make up a timeline assuming that the Jurassic World redo is a huge hit and it's coming to Orlando.

25th January 2019 - JPRA reopens after it's seasonal maintenance. They also announce that a new ride is coming to Jurassic Park and construction walls go up for the coaster.

Mid 2019 - Jurassic World opens in Hollywood to rave reviews. JPRA in Orlando is given the green light to go ahead with the update. The new coaster is well into construction and had two options, to be themed to Jurassic Park or Jurassic World. It goes for Jurassic World and the whole land is going to be switched.

January 2020 - JPRA closes as it would for it's seasonal maintenance but starts the conversion to Jurassic World. Camp Jurassic closes and prepares to switch Camp Cretaceous. (Kidzone is still open cause obviously and kids need a place to play) The area becomes nothing but a walled pathway for guests travelling between Kong and HP.

June 2020 - Jurassic World 3 opens. Every showing has an advert for Jurassic World in Orlando opening soon.

Fall 2020 - Jurassic World Orlando opens with two new rides, a kids play area, an improved Raptor Encounter and re-imagined Discovery Center. Crowds go wild.
You think they would open it in fall where the weather would be sorta cold to ride at least JPRA?
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My "guess” on the timeline has nothing to do with how much theming there will be, how long construction takes, or even what other enhancements are made around the island. They simply will not put a major attraction in right after this Harry Potter one opens. We’re not talking Fallon, Kong etc we’re talking about the face of the franchise. There is zero need for it.
I think you're probably right. They'll ride the Potter Coaster coat tails for a while just like they did Diagon, opening nothing in 2015. Maybe they'll add a small Potter street show or upgrade the Potter projection show to add a little more luster......soooo JP coaster for 2021 in that scenario.
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