Lego Fans


Nov 30, 2012
I searched and didn't find a thread about it, but I was curious if there are other Lego fans/collectors on here. It seems like lately there are more and more adult Lego collectors coming out of the closet as more and more set geared specifically towards adults are being rolled out.

Between the Star Wars Millennium Falcon and Star Destroyer sets and the Disney Castle and Train Station sets there are some things being made just for serious collectors.

Fans are constantly making their own creations as suggestions for Lego sets including this AMAZING Spaceship Earth model:

And, Fox is going to be running a Lego competition show!

Anyone else a fan? I collected them as a kid and still have them packed away, but I keep getting tempted by some of these awesome new sets.
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Doug A.

Mar 24, 2013
Buffalo, NY
Fellow LEGO fan here too, I currently have built the following: Cinderella Castle, Hogwarts Castle, Simpson’s House, BTTF Delorean and both Ghostbuster cars. I did buy the WDW train set and Steamboat Willie but haven’t yet built them. I have been on the hunt for the Ghostbusters firehouse but it continues to be sold out. We are looking into getting the Friends set soon hopefully before that sells out as well.

I seem to remember a thread possibly before the merger of LEGO sets with pictures that members have. It had been a passion of mine ever since I was a kid when I built anything and everything with a bucket full of random LEGO’s. As I get older I am more into collecting sets than building and using my imagination like I used to.
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Sep 19, 2013
You know you have a problem when you seriously consider buying a second Hogwarts to try building the rest of the castle. Actually I think the only reason I haven’t is because I have nowhere to put it.

Ninjago City is one of my current favorites as well.