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Mardi Gras Food and Beverage Card

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Feb 9, 2023
Might be heading to Universal February 23-26th If I buy the AP discounted card is it only for the food kiosks or can it be used in a restaurant- say Mythos or Big Fire? Thanks in advance :)
Pretty sure it can be used anywhere on property, but positive it doesn't expire so can always be used next year. I plan to get the AP card for $120 and doubt I'll finish the $150 value in the one day I'm there but the deal still makes sense to me.
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The only place we could not use them last year were at the hotels. We also grabbed a couple of extra and brought them back for our HHN trip later in the year.
Bought one, but didn't realize I could use my AP discount as well. Definitely going to try to buy a few additional ones in preparation for HHN this year lol
It really is a great deal for AP's especially because I'm sure they won't offer it at HHN.

Btw, dishes of the fest for me were the crab stew in Trinidad, cabbage pancake in Japan & shrimp n cheddar grits in Citywalk.