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Mobile Ordering

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Nov 23, 2013
Seattle, WA!
Mobile Ordering is now slowly opening up! If you go currently to Hollywood & Dine, select food items are now available for mobile ordering.

EDIT: Adding further--the current list of dining venues that offer Mobile Ordering are that of Hollywood&Dime, and Minion Cafe.
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The lines for food at USH just....have been insane for years. At least now even if it takes 20-40 mins you can ride something as you wait.

I'll be very glad when all restaurants (besides toads...I assume) get this option
In the USH version are you able to set a pickup time?

Disney's mobile order system has the advantage over UOR with the ability to tell you when you can realistically expect your order. The system setup at UOR doesn't have that visibility.
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It's geo locked as well

So while a step in the right direction, I'll need to see reviews to see if its as good as Disneylands.
Universal Studios Hollywood has finally begun to roll out their Mobile Ordering feature on their Universal Studios Hollywood app.

Mels Diner and Cocina were both added to the Mobile Ordering Locations

Also has anyone used it yet?