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Feb 12, 2008
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Another, this time shot from behind MIB. "Universal can't do big fireworks" pssh
That's their New Years Eve fireworks show which they probably get special permission to put on since it's only once a year. Speaking of which, is the reason that Universal won't do large fireworks shows actually because of the neighbours or is that just a rumour?
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Apr 28, 2016
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This may be an old thread, but something that really clicks me when I searched online. I found out that back in 1991, MCA was one of the original bidders for Hanna Barbera, before Ted Turner beat out others in acquiring the animation company. Turner stated he wanted Hanna Barbera so he could have the opportunity to launch a children's programming that we know today is Cartoon Network. But what if MCA actually succeeded in acquiring Hanna Barbera instead? After all, Universal Studios was involved in the Jetsons movie, the Hanna Barbera ride, and the two Flintstone movies. Would Universal have its own CN in the 1990s instead of two decades later?
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