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Picture of the Day - Everywhere Else

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:heart: Cedar Point is my home away from home! And definitely recommend Japan, such a beautiful country!

Going backwards in my trip, next is USJ! This was my first time at the park, I spent 3.5 days and I loved it so much. It truly felt like USF + IOA plus some old favorites. I took way too many pictures and I'll divide them up into three posts, first, this one will be just general park pics, then I'll do one specifically on the Pokemon shows and costumes at the park for Halloween and finally, I'll add some HHN shots!

I very much enjoyed just sitting out by the lagoon at night and enjoying the ambiance

Flying Dinosaur was a lot of fun even if the bigger B&Ms are usually just a one and done for me

It obviously wasn't open when I visited but it felt so good to see an old friend again, I just wish I could've seen it one more time!

Gorgeous pics!
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Continuing in my Japan trip, I made it to HHN! My first year in Japan and man, was it a weird one. The houses were a step up from something like Cedar Fair or Six Flags but a level below HHN in Orlando or Hollywood but the real focus was on the scare zones. Instead of crowds moving through them pretty continually, there were huge circles or ovals that would form around the actors who would kinda just wander around. A very different feel from the scare zones in Orlando or Hollywood but a lot of fun nevertheless!

This shot is my favorite. There were multiple actors that had these beautiful lit costumes. So cool!



This handsome gentleman likes to hang around where I work, I think because one of the restaurants nearby feeds him. One day he didn't want to move out of the way and let me drive out so I took some pictures of him until he did. What beautiful feathers!